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How to Cast Hotstar on Chromecast Connected TV



Hotstar Chromecast

Google Chromecast is one of the easiest options to watch videos, movies, TV shows, songs, photos, and much more content from the supported apps. Among them, Disney+ Hotstar is one of the Chromecast compatible apps available on the internet. It lets you watch 100,000 hours of video content in 17 different languages. Apart from on-demand movies and TV shows, you can also use Disney+ Hotstar to live stream sports contents. You can watch Football, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis and much more. Let’s see how to cast Disney+ Hotstar contents on the TV using Chromecast.


Steps to Cast Disney+ Hotstar on Chromecast using Android and iOS

On the mobile version of Disney+ Hotstar, you will have an inbuilt cast icon inside the app to stream it on Chromecast. You just need to connect your Android/iOS device to the network where your Chromecast is connected.

#1: Launch the Disney+ Hotstar app.

If you haven’t installed the Hotstar app, download it from the Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iPhone/iPad).

#2: Click the Cast icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

Cast Hotstar on Chromecast

#3: Select your Chromecast device.

Hotstar Chromecast

#4: Now, search and play the media that you want to cast. The media will cast on the Chromecast connected TV.

#5: To stop casting, click the Cast icon and select Stop Casting.

Cast Hotstar on Chromecast

Steps to Cast Disney+ Hotstar on Chromecast using Windows and Mac

In addition to the native apps, Hotstar can also be streamed using the web browser. Hence, you can use the Chrome browser on your Windows or macOS devices to cast it on the bigger screens.

#1: Open Chrome browser on your PC or laptop.

Hotstar Chromecast

#2: Visit and sign-in with your Hotstar login credentials.

#3: Navigate to the media that you want to cast.

#4: Right-click anywhere on the screen and select the Cast menu.

Hotstar Chromecast

#5: Select your Chromecast device.

Cast Hotstar on Chromecast

#6: That’s it. Your windows device screen will mirror on the TV. Select and stream the Hotstar content that you want to cast.

#7: To disconnect the connection, click the Cast icon and select your device.

Hotstar Chromecast

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Hotstar is a much-needed app to stream all the media content from India. It also streams the latest TV shows and movies from the US. By casting it through Chromecast, you can watch your favorite videos on the larger screens.

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