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How to Chromecast Google Photos to TV [2021]



Chromecast Google Photos

Google Photos is definitely a must-have photo-sharing app for smartphone users. It offers high-quality storage for free and lets you store the photos or videos. Besides storing or backing up, the Google Photos app will also organize them automatically. Remove the backup photos whenever you run out of space on Google Photos. So, it lets you store unlimited photos or videos on an Android or iOS device and access them from any device. It further ensures that all your photos are private, safe and secure. A new album will be created and you will find the best shots of an event or trip. Google Photos has powerful editing tools and that will transform your photos. Above all these features, Google Photos supports casting and anyone can transfer photos to the TV screen. The article will help you know the procedure to Chromecast Google Photos to a smart TV in brief.

How to Chromecast Google Photos to Smart TV?

Casting Google Photos to smart TV is not only simple but is straightforward. There are two different ways in which anyone can cast Google Photos.

  • Chromecast Google Photos to the TV using Smartphone
  • Chromecast Google Photos to the TV using PC

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Preliminary Requirements:

  • Fix Chromecast dongle into the HDMI port of the TV.
  • Connect Chromecast to same WiFi as that of PC/smartphone.

Steps to Chromecast Google Photos to the TV using Smartphone

If you have Android, iPhone, or iPad, then the steps given below will help you Chromecast Google Photos to TV.

Note: Ensure you have Android v4.4 and above to cast Google Photos to TV. Other lower version doesn’t support casting.

Step 1: Download the Google Photos app on your Android/iOS device from the Play Store/App Store at first.

Step 2: Go to the Apps column to launch Google Photos on your smartphone.

Step 3: Navigate to the top-right corner and click on the Cast icon.

Cast Google Photos
Click the Cast Icon

Step 4: Choose the Chromecast device name to further connect the phone with TV.

Cast Google Photos from Smartphone
Select the Device

Step 5: Now, open a photo or video on your smartphone and the same will be cast to Chromecast TV at last.

Chromecast Google Photos using Smartphone
Cast the Photos

Steps to Chromecast Google Photos to TV using PC

Those PC users with latest Chrome web browser can cast Google Photos to Chromecast connected TV. The steps below will help you out with it.

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on your desktop/laptop initially.

Step 2: Visit using the address bar of the browser.

Google Photos
Google Photos

Step 3: Right-click using the mouse to further select the Cast icon.

Cast Google Photos from PC
Cast the Windows

Step 4: Choose the Chromecast TV name on the Cast tab shown.

Chromecast Google Photos
Select the Device

Step 5: Meanwhile, click on Sources option to select Cast tab option.

Step 6: Finally, the photo or video displayed on the PC will be shown on the TV.

To Sum Up

Now you have learned to Chromecast Google Photos to the smart TV using the phone as well as PC. Transfer all your memories to the TV and watch them in a much bigger resolution. Screencasting all the photos and videos that you have backed up is that simple.

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