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How to Get a 7-Day Free Trial on Equinox+



Equinox Free Trial

Quick Answer

  • You can get up to a 7-day free trial on Equinox.
  • To get the free trial: Visit the Equinox+ website → Tap the Start 7-day app trial button → Enter Billing details → Create an account to claim the free trial.

Equinox has a membership called Equinox+, which offers a 7-day free trial. You can claim this free trial by signing up on Equinox Plus with your payment details.

With this membership, you can unlock exclusive benefits from the club, like complimentary fitness assessment, personal training, one-on-one studio pilates sessions, and more. Apart from physical gym advantages, you can increase the digital offerings with the Equinox+ app. This fitness app consists of on-demand and special live classes, which greatly assist in getting fit anywhere.

In this guide, you will learn how to get and use the Equinox free trial.

How to Claim Equinox+ 7-day Free Trial

You will get a 7-day free trial on Equinox+ only after completing the Sign-up process.

1. Visit Equinox+’s official website from your smartphone or PC browser.

2. Select the Start 7-day app trial button.

Select the Start 7-day app trial button

3. Click Continue on the loaded page to confirm the Equinox+ membership terms.

Claim your Equinox+ 7-day Free Trial

4. The Payment section will now be displayed; enter your Credit or Debit card details and Billing Address.

5. Once entered, hit Continue.

6. Now, create an account on Equinox+ and use the same account details to log in to the app and access the free trial.

You can also get this complimentary 7-day free trial if you purchase a SoulCycle at-home bike.

How to Cancel Equinox+ Free Trial on the Website

You have to cancel the Equinox+ membership 24 hours before the trial ends to avoid the billing.

1. Go to the Equinox+ website on your device.

2. Tap the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Sign in with your account credentials and navigate to your Profile.

4. Click Manage will be located to the right of Membership Details.

5. Select Cancel Membership.

6. Confirm your cancellation to complete the process.

How to Cancel Equinox+ Free Trial on the App

If you have signed up on Equinox+ through the Play Store or App Store, follow the below-mentioned steps to cancel it.

On Android

Open Play Store → Click on the Profile icon → Pick Payments and Subscriptions → Tap Subscriptions → Select Equinox+ → Hit Cancel Subscription to cancel the subscription on Android using Google Play Store.

On iOS

Launch App Store → Click on Profile → Select Subscription → Tap Equinox+ → Pick Cancel Subscription → Hit Confirm to cancel the subscription on iPhone.

Equinox Membership Plans

There are two types of plans available in Equinox+.


Equinox+ yearly membership is exclusively available for members with American Express Platinum Card.

How to Get the Best Deals on Equinox

Equinox offers many fitness products, and you can purchase them by visiting its website. When you refer a member, you will get gift cards on the Equinox+ app. Other than this, numerous third-party websites offer many Promo Codes with great discounts. You can use the gift cards as well as the codes while purchasing on Equinox to buy your desired product at a low price. Ensure to check the code’s validity and copy it from a trustworthy website.


1. How to freeze Equinox membership?

You can freeze your Equinox membership one time for up to 1 month in a year. The freezing fee is $50, and that will be billed as a one-time charge.

2. Can I upgrade my Equinox membership?

You have to visit your club or send a request mail regarding your membership query. The representative will analyze your request and get back to you with the possibilities.

3. Is there any free trial or guest pass available at the Equinox Boston Gym?

No, the free trial is only for the smartphone app. In Equinox Boston or any other gym, you need to pay the premium to access the services.

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