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How to Install YouTube on PS3



YouTube on PS3

Quick Answer

  • Using the PlayStation Store, you can install the YouTube app on your PlayStation 3 console.
  • Install YouTube: Open PlayStation Store → Click the Search option → Search for YouTube → Install the app.
  • Activate YouTube: Open the YouTube app → Click Sign In → Get the code → Go to the YouTube activation website ( → Enter the code.

YouTube is still working on the PS3 console, a gaming console that was launched more than 16 years ago. You can install the YouTube app on your PS3 console directly from the PlayStation Store.

With the YouTube app on your PS3 console, you can take a break from your intense gaming session and watch funny videos. If you want an ad-free experience on YouTube, you can buy YouTube Premium.

In this guide, you will learn about how to get the YouTube app on your PlayStation console and how to activate it.

How to Install YouTube on PS3

Unlike YouTube on PS4 or PS5, the YouTube app is not preinstalled on your PS3 console. You need to install the app manually on your console.

1. Launch your PS3 and connect it to the internet.

2. Log in to the PlayStation Network.

Sign in to PSN

3. Open the PlayStation Store and navigate to the Search option.

4. Enter YouTube in the search bar.

Search for the app on PlayStation 3

5. Select the YouTube app from the search results.

6. Tap the Download button to get the YouTube app on your PlayStation 3 console.

Click the Download button to get YouTube on PS3

How to Activate YouTube on PlayStation 3 [PS3]

1. Open your YouTube app available on your PS3.

2. Go to Sign In & Settings and select Sign in. You will see an activation code on the screen.

3. On your computer, open your browser and go to the YouTube Activation Website [].

YouTube app on PlayStation 3

4. On the Connect a device page, enter your activation code.

5. Click the Next button.

Activate YouTube on PS3

6. Now, sign in to your Google account that is linked to the YouTube app.

7. After that, the YouTube app on your console will be activated. You can watch all the videos.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is for ad-free streaming. It also has the benefits of background streaming as well as offline streaming. YouTube Premium subscription costs $11.99 per month for individuals. It also has a Family Premium for $17.99 per month for five members. You can get a free trial for one month for both premium plans. Get the subscription plan from the YouTube website.

YouTube on PS3 Not Working

As PS3 is an old device, it is common to have some performance issues with the app. The YouTube app may freeze when streaming live video; the app may buffer when streaming high-quality videos. If you experience any such issues, we suggest you restart the PS3 console to fix the issue.

Though the YouTube app is officially available for PlayStation 3 consoles, many features of the YouTube app are not available. Some of the unavailable features are,

  • You can’t play 4K videos on YouTube using the PS3 consoles.
  • You can’t directly upload a gameplay video from your console to the YouTube app.
  • It is impossible to link your PlayStation account and YouTube account.
  • As the PS3 console is an old gaming console, you will have some performance issues with the YouTube app.


Can I access YouTube on the PS3 browser?

No, with the built-in PlayStation 3 web browser, you can’t access the YouTube website.

Is it possible to update the YouTube app on my PlayStation 3 console?

Yes, if you update your PS3 console, all the installed apps on the console, including the YouTube app, will be updated automatically.

Can I get the YouTube PKG file on my PlayStation 3?

No, to access the YouTube PKG file, you need to jailbreak the PS 3 console.

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