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How to Change Microsoft Teams Password [Quick Guide]



How to Change Microsoft Teams Password

Microsoft Teams is one of the communication platforms preferred by business people. For business communications, it provides various features like online meetings, screen sharing, audio conferencing, online video calling, and more. To create a Teams account, you must sign up for a Microsoft account. All the Microsoft services are linked to your Microsoft account. So if you want to change the password of Teams, you have to change the password of your Microsoft Account.

How to Change Your Microsoft Teams Account Password

#1. On a web browser on your PC, visit the official Microsoft website

#2. Tap the Sign In button on the website.

Microsoft website

#3. Enter your email address or phone number and hit the Next button.

Tap Next

#4. Enter your password and hit the Sign in button.

Sign In to Microsoft account

Note: If you can’t remember the current password, hit the Forgot password link and reset the Microsoft account password.

#5. Once signed in, navigate to your Profile section and tap the Change password option.

Click Change Password

#6. On the Verify your identity page, select any option to send the verification via Email or Text.

Verify the mail
  • Email: Enter your email address associated with the account.
  • Text: Enter the last four digits of your registered mobile number.

Go to your email account and search for the mail received from Microsoft Team. Open the mail and enter the code on the browser.

#7. On the next page, enter the current password.

Change the Microsoft Teams Password

#8. Enter the new desired password for your Microsoft Teams account in the required fields.

#9. Finally, tap the Save button to change the password of your Microsoft account.

Once you set a new password, the password of all your Microsoft apps like Skype, Office, Xbox, Outlook, Teams, and other apps will also get changed. After changing your password, log in with your new password on the Microsoft Teams App.


1. Can I change my Microsoft Teams password without email?

Yes. Instead of an email address, you can use a mobile number to change the Microsoft Teams password.

2. How to permanently delete my Microsoft Teams account?

To delete your Teams account, you have to delete the Microsoft account.

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