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How to Sign Up for Microsoft Account



How to Sign Up for Microsoft Account

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, sign up today and enjoy its unlimited services. By creating one Microsoft account, you can access multiple services like Outlook, Skype, Windows, Office, OneDrive, Xbox, MSN, Edge, and more. As a result, you can manage everything under one account. You can easily create a Microsoft account on the official website.

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Microsoft account sign up

How to Create a New Microsoft Account

[1] Go to the Microsoft account website from a browser on your PC.

Create a Microsoft account

[2] Tap Create a Microsoft account.

[3] You can use an existing email address of any domain like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Enter your email address

[4] After entering the email address, click Next.

[5] Otherwise, you can create a new one specifically for the Microsoft account by selecting the option Get a new email address option.

Tap get a new email address

[6] On clicking this option, you can create a new email with Outlook or Hotmail and tap Next.

[7] Enter a strong password for your Microsoft account and click Next.

[8] On the next page, you need to enter your first name and last name in the respective fields. Click Next.

Enter your Location and Date of Birth

[9] You need to add your location and date of birth using the drop-down option. Tap the Next again.

[10] The final process is to solve a puzzle to prove that you are not a robot. After solving the puzzle, click Next again. Your new Microsoft account is ready to use now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my Microsoft account to access all Microsoft services?

Yes, that is the greatest advantage of Microsoft. With one Microsoft account, you can access all the services and products like Outlook, Office, Skype, etc.

2. Can I change the password associated with my Microsoft account?

Yes, users can change the password of their Microsoft account anytime on the Account section.

3. How do I change the Microsoft account password if forgotten?

To change the forgotten password, Microsoft offers a reset option. Go to the Microsoft account page and enter your email address. Click next and tap the Forgotten your password option to create a new one.

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