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How to Find IP Address on iPhone [All Models]



The IP or Internet Protocol is a string of numbers that identifies your iPhone. An IP address is one of the most important things in smart devices and smartphones. It will be assigned when you are connected to an internet connection. IP address is not much important to be noticed, but it is a major requirement to fix an internet problem. This guide helps you to find the IP address on your iPhone. IP address varies from the internet connection at a device or any other network.

Depending on the internet connection type, the IP address will vary.

  • WiFi connection
  • Cellular connection

Find IP Address on iPhone When Connected to WiFi

When you are connected to a WiFi network, you can find the IP Address right from the settings.

1. Connect your iPhone to a WiFi connection.

2. Open Settings and tap on the WiFi option.

How to Find IP Address on iPhone

3. Click on the info button “iicon located next to the WiFi connection.

4. On the next screen, the IP address of your WiFi connection will be shown.

How to Find IP Address on iPhone

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Find IP Address on iPhone When Connected to Cellular Network

To find the IP address when connected to a cellular network, you have to use a third-party site,

1. Open the Safari web browser.

Safari web browser

2. Navigate to the search bar and search for what is my IP address term.

3. The related search results would appear.

4. On the top of the search results, you will get your cellular IP address.

IP address

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By using these ways, you could find the IP address on your iPhone. But you should know the fact that the IP address does not vary along with the devices. It differs only according to the network connection. So, if you connect different phones to the same WiFi network, the IP address would be shown the same in all the smartphones.

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