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How to Use Freeform on iPhone & iPad



Apple has launched a new iOS 16.2 update with which a brainstorming app called Freeform. Along with the Freeform app, new features like Apple Music Sing and other security improvements. When you update the iPhone to iOS 16.2, the Freeform app will be automatically installed on your device. Let’s see how to use the Freeform app on your iPhone or iPad.

What is Freeform?

Freeform is an extension of the Notes app with advanced features where you can absolutely do anything on a digital whiteboard. Freeform is one of the best productivity apps on your smartphone. You can pen down your thoughts, sketch an idea, draw a picture, add colors, type important points on sticky notes, attach images, collaborate with your friends or colleagues, share your boards over a FaceTime call, send your final drafts to anyone through email or any other app, and more.

How to Use Freeform on iPhone

Now that we know what we can do with Freeform let us explore trying out all of its features.

How to Create a New Freeform Board on iPhone

[1] Press the New Board icon at the bottom of the Freeform Home page.

Select the New Board icon on your iPhone to start using Freeform

[2] You will see a new and blank whiteboard where you can start working on your creativity.

Start using Freeform with a New Board

Notes icon

  • Select the Notes icons at the bottom left corner.
  • Double-click on the Yellow Sticky Note to type text.
Double click Yellow Sticky Note to type a text on Freeform
  • Tap the Sticky Note again to change the background color, font style, size, etc.
  • Press the + icon to add many other Sticky Notes and customize them according to your preference.
Press +icon to add more Sticky Notes on Freeform

Shapes icon

  • Select the Shapes icon at the bottom next to the Notes icon.
  • Choose several shapes from various categories on the upper panel. Some available shapes are Basics, Geometry, Objects, Animals, Nature, Food, Symbols, Education, Arts, Science, People, Places, Activities, Transport, Work, and Ornaments.
Choose a shape from a category on Freeform
  • Quickly find a specific shape using the Search icon on the top left corner.
  • All Shapes are in Blue by default, but you can change color by tapping the shape again.
  • Change the shape’s outline by using the pen icon.
Change the shape's outline with the pen icon

Text icon

  • Click the Text icon from the bottom to enter plain text.
Click the text icon to type a text on Freeform
  • Change the text color, font, and size by tapping the text again.
Change the text color and size

Sketch icon

  • Press the Sketch icon to draw or write anything by selecting a pen form and a color.
Press the Sketch icon to draw on Freeform
  • Remember that you can always undo a wrong drawing by tapping the Back icon on the top left corner.

Image icon

  • Select the Image icon at the bottom right corner to insert documents, links, images, etc.
Select the image icon to insert images on Freeform
  • You can also crop an image after inserting it.
You can also crop the image on Freeform

Three-Dot icon

  • Click the three horizontal dots on the top right corner to rename your work, set it as a favorite, convert it as a PDF, etc.

Share icon

  • Tap the Share icon on the top right corner to invite people to collaborate and share your work.
Tap the Share icon to collaborate and edit on Freeform

Overall, Apple users can definitely try Freeform to explore the new and unique features the app offers and to have fun with it.

How to Uninstall Freeform on iPhone & iPad

If you do not find the app interesting or useful, you can delete or hide the app from your iPhone.

1. Tap and hold the Freeform app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. On the pop-up, click the Remove App option.

Uninstall Freeform on iPhone

3. Now, click the Delete App button to uninstall the app.

Click the Delete app button

4. On the confirmation screen, tap the Delete button.

Delete app on iPhone


1. Does the Freeform app cost money?

No. Freeform is a free app available for all iPhones and iPads with 16.02.

2. Is Freeform on Apple TV?

No. The freeform app is only available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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