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How to Setup ExpressVPN on Kodi



ExpressVPN on Kodi

ExpressVPN is rated the number one VPN worldwide for its ultrafast connection. With the best-in-class encryption, you can surf through the internet without getting hacked or exposed to government servers. By installing ExpressVPN, you can unblock all the Kodi contents without worrying about any privacy issues. At the same time, it also offers you the features to safeguard your privacy while streaming those blocked contents.

How to Get ExpressVPN on Kodi

There are two ways to access ExpressVPN on your Kodi media player. Either you need to run the VPN client in the background, or you need to configure ExpressVPN on Kodi with the help of the OpenVPN Manager addon. We will show the steps for both methods. Before that, you need to sign up for ExpressVPN. Note down the username and password credentials for login purposes.

Method 1: Run ExpressVPN in the background

#1: Download the ExpressVPN client on your PC from its website.

#2: Launch the VPN app and enter your login credentials.

#3: Click the Connect button to connect to the nearest server location.

#4: To change the location, select the Choose Location button.

#5: The server location will be listed under three tabs.

  • Recommended has a list of all frequently used and fastest VPN servers to connect to.
  • All lists all the servers available.
  • Recents will display the last connected server.

#6: Choose any server from the list.

#7: Now, launch the Kodi app and start installing the Kodi addons to stream the geo-restricted content.

ExpressVPN on Kodi

Note: You can follow similar steps on your Android, Chromebook, Firestick, etc.

If you can’t find the ExpressVPN client app for your device, configure the ExpressVPN service on the router with the help of guidelines provided on the website. After configuring, connect your device to the router network and explore the Kodi contents.

Method 2: How to Install ExpressVPN on Kodi with OpenVPN Manager addon

#1: Open a web browser and download the Zomboided repo file.

#2: Launch the Kodi app and then click the Settings icon.

ExpressVPN on Kodi

#3: Click the System menu.

ExpressVPN on Kodi

#4: On the left panel, click the Addons menu.

ExpressVPN on Kodi

#5: Enable Unknown sources if it is turned off.

Enable unknown sources

#6: Click OK.

ExpressVPN on Kodi

#7: Get back to the Settings screen and select Addons.

ExpressVPN on Kodi

#8: Select Install from Zip File.

Install from Zip file

#9: Navigate to the location where you downloaded the repo file. Select the file to install the Zomboided repo.

ExpressVPN for Kodi

#10: After installing the repo, select Install from repository.

Tap install from repository

#11: Click Zomboided Addon repository.

ExpressVPN for Kodi

#12: Select Services and then click VPN manager for OpenVPN.

tap VPN Manager for OpenVPN

#13: Select Install.

ExpressVPN for Kodi

#14: The addon will install on your Kodi app.

How to Use ExpressVPN on Kodi

#1: After the installation, a pop-up will appear on the screen. select Settings.

Click setting to setup

#2: Change the VPN provider to ExpressVPN and then enter the ExpressVPN username & password in the respective fields.

ExpressVPN for Kodi

#3: Click OK.

#4: Go to VPN Connections on the same settings page and click First VPN Connection.

#5: Select your server and start accessing the geo-restricted contents on your Kodi app.

#6: To disconnect ExpressVPN, open the VPN Manager and select Change or disconnect VPN Connection. Then, press the Disconnect option to confirm.

How to Change Location on ExpressVPN

#1: Open the VPN Manager.

#2: Choose Change or disconnect the VPN connection.

#3: Choose any server from the list to connect.

These are the steps required to configure ExpressVPN on Kodi. Unlike PureVPN, ExpressVPN doesn’t offer a dedicated addon to configure the VPN service. Instead, you can use the OpenVPN manager addon to configure the service.


How much does ExpressVPN cost a month?

A monthly subscription to ExpressVPN costs $12.95 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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