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How to Change Country in Google Play Store



Change Country in Play Store

The Google Play store is the single largest app market for Android in the world or to say on the internet. It comprises of all kinds of applications, games, music, movies, books, and a lot more. But all these contents vary from one country to another. This is due to the country to state rules, developer rules, and many other reasons. So you may not find your favourite app when you are abroad in a different country when you are on a personal or business trip. So it is time to change your country or region on your Play Store settings. In this article let us see in details the advantages and odds in changing the country and the simplest way to do it.

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Things to Remember When You Change Google Play Store Country

These are the few things you should remember before switching your country on Play Store.

#1 First comes the payment method you use on Play Store. Having said that, your old Google Play balance cannot be used in your new country as it not accessible there. This includes all the balances, gift cards, reward points, etc you earned on your Play Store. You should create a new payment method on your new country to continue with payments.

#2 Secondly, you can only make this change once per year. Which means you only change the country in Google Play Store next year when you want to do it for the second time. But you can change back to your old country whenever you are back. To add a new country you will have to wait for another 365 days.

Thus it is always advised to change country/region in Play Store only if you are out of your country and plan to stay for at least a year. Else if you are out for a short trip, you can go with the Google Play Store alternatives. There are many app stores like Aptoide TV, APK Mirror, etc. to download apps to your phone.

Don’t try to trick Google with a VPN to change the country on Play Store as you may be locked out from Play Store if something goes wrong. Then it is a long process to get out from it instead you can use an alternative app for a while.

Steps to Change your Google Play country

Now you are about to change your Google Play country. Make sure you are in a different country while you do this and have a payment method in the new country you are about to change. Because you cannot make these changes as you want, this set up will show up only when are you away from your country which works based on your IP.

#1 On your Android phone, go to Play Store.

#2 Tap the three dots menu on the top left.

Change Country in Play Store

#3 Tap on Account followed by Country and profiles.

#4 You will now see your old country and the new country you are in.

#5 Follow the on-screen instructions and add the new payment method in the country you want to change.

#6 Accept the changes and wait for the country to change in Google Play Store. Usually, it may take 24 hours to reflect in your account.

Final Thoughts

People often trick this with the VPN apps to change to the country they want to access the Google Play Store. This is manageable but any small step could lock you from Google Play Store. Instead, as I mentioned above, you can go with Play Store alternatives that are available in plenty online. Hope this article helped you in switching your Google Play Store country settings. Comment below if you have something to share.

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