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How to Reset PS3 Controller [Easy Ways]



How to Reset PS3 Controller

Quick Guide

  • Press the Reset button on the PS3 controller to reset it.

Though I got my new PS5 controller, at times, I use my decade-old PS3. While the PS3 console is working fine, the controller is having some performance issues. When the PS3 controller is not working for me, I’ll reset the controller to its factory settings. Resetting the PlayStation 3 controller will fix all the performance and pairing issues.

If your PS3 controller is not pairing with the console, you can reset the controller to fix the issue. Follow the steps mentioned here to reset the controller.

How to Reset PS3 Controller

The reset operation is a quick and easy one. You need to use a paper clip or pin to access the Reset button on the controller. Before proceeding further, you have to charge the PS3 Controller.

1. First, turn off your PS3 Controller and PlayStation 3 console.

2. Unplug the controller from the PlayStation 3 console.

3. You can find the Reset button at the back of the controller.

Press the Reset button

4. Use a Paper clip to press the Reset button.

5. Now, connect the controller using the USB cable to your PlayStation 3 console.

Connect the PS3 controller to the console

6. Hit the PS button on your PS3 controller to reboot your PS3.

7. Finally, connect the controller with your PS3 console.

How to Reset PS3 Controller without Reset Button

You will not be able to reset your controller without a reset button. But, there is a walkaround that you can try to restart your controller.

1. Connect your PS3 controller with your PlayStation 3.

2. Next, press the PS button on the controller.

PS3 Controller

3. Now, disconnect the controller from the console.

4. Finally, the PS3 console will restart. This will soft reset the controller.

If the controller is not working even after the reset, you should check for any physical damage or accumulation of dust particles in the controller. Clean the dust and try again. In the case of physical damage, you need to buy a new controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my PlayStation 3 controller flashing the LED?

If your PS3 controller loses the Bluetooth pairing, it will start flashing. At the time, connect your controller to PS3 using the USB cable and press the PS button on your controller to stop the flashing.

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