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How to Install and Listen to Spotify on PS5



spotify on PS5

Are you looking for a reliable music app for your PlayStation 5? If so, Spotify is the one you need to install. Spotify is a music streaming service equipped with more than 100 million music tracks and 5 million podcast titles. PS5 users can install the Spotify app directly from the PlayStation Store. Spotify is available for free. But the free version includes ads. To listen to the songs ad-free, you need to get a Spotify Premium. Spotify offers millions of songs from the most prominent artists around the world. Install and listen to the Spotify music tracks of your favorite artist hassle-free on your PlayStation 5 console.

How to Get Spotify on PS5

[1] Turn On and connect your PlayStation5 console to a stable WiFi network.

[2] Navigate to the Media tab.

[3] Select the All Apps icon.

[4] It displays all the apps available in PlayStation Store. Search for the Spotify app and select the app.

Select Spotify

[4] Select the Download button to install the Spotify app on your PS5 console.

[5] Finally, after installing the app, sign up or log In with your Spotify credentials to listen to your favorite songs online.

How to Link Spotify Account on PS5

After installing, you can also link your Spotify account with PS5 to listen to your favorite songs.

[1] Navigate to PS5’s home screen and select Settings.

[2] Scroll down and choose Users and Accounts.

Select Users and Accounts

[3] After that, select Link With Other Services and choose Spotify from the list of services.

Click Link With Other Services and choose Spotify

[4] Further, click the Link Account option.

Click Link Account

[5] Click the Use Browser option and log in to your Spotify account with the required credentials on the website.

Click Use Browser

[6] Now, you’ve successfully linked your Spotify account with your PS5.

Note: To unlink Spotify from your PS5, navigate to the account overview page and click Apps and hit Remove Access for Sony.

How to Listen to Spotify While Playing Games on PS5

The PS5 has a dedicated Spotify button on its remote controller. So you can open the app directly. The alternative method to play Spotify music is:

[1] Press the PS button on your controller.

PS5 remote

[2] As a result, the Control center opens up.

[3] Choose Music from the control center.

Tap Music

[4] Open Spotify and play the music or podcast of your choice.

[5] Press the PS button on your controller again to return to the game.

[6] The playing track will be displayed on the Control Center.

[7] Finally, play the game and listen to your favorite songs simultaneously.

Play games while listening to Spotify

How to Fix Spotify Not Working on PS5

While installing or linking the Spotify app, you may face some issues. In that situation, you can try the below troubleshooting methods to fix the error.

  • Check the Internet Connection – While installing the app, make sure to connect your PS5 to a reliable WiFi network with a minimum speed of 5Mbps.
  • Restart – You can restart your PS5 console in order to eliminate bugs and glitches in the system.
  • Check the Status – You can visit the Downdetector website and make sure Spotify is active.
  • Update the app and device – Update the PS5 console and update the Spotify app.
  • Clear Cache – Clear the Spotify cache on your PS5 console.
  • Uninstall & Reinstall – You can also uninstall the Spotify app on your PS5 console and reinstall the app again.

Spotify: Subscription Plans

Spotify offers four different subscription plans for its subscribers to explore the latest and trending songs. Furthermore, you can also avail of a 30-day free trial on Spotify to access premium content for free.


Anyway, if you’re done with the platform, you can cancel the Spotify subscription anytime.

How to Get Spotify Premium

[1] Visit the Spotify Premium webpage from a browser on your PC.

[2] Choose a plan, click Get Started, and log In to your Spotify account.

Spotify Premium Plans

[3] You can initially start with the Free trial option. The free trial duration is not consistent with Spotify. You may get one week or sometimes one month.

[5] Choose your Payment option and complete the payment process.

Complete the payment

[6] Tap the Start my Spotify Premium button to complete the subscription.


1. Does Spotify work on PS5?

Yes. You can download Spotify on PlayStation 5 from the PlayStation Store and listen to millions of songs.

2. How to get the lyrics of the song on Spotify?

In the Spotify app, play any title and click on the Lyrics option at the bottom of the page.
Now, you can stream songs with lyrics.

3. Why does my Spotify keep pausing?

If your Spotify keeps pausing, make sure to connect your console with a stable internet connection.

4. Is Spotify available on PS4?

Yes. You can install the Spotify app on your PS4 console directly from the PlayStation Store.

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