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Amazon Prime Not Working on Roku – Common Issues & Solutions



Amazon Prime not Working on Roku

Amazon Prime is one of the most used streaming services next to Netflix. You can install Amazon Prime on Roku and stream whatever content you want. Unfortunately, the app may display some errors while loading contents on Roku. There may be various reasons for the app not working properly on your streaming device. Make sure to fix those issues beforehand to have seamless streaming of movies, TV shows, etc. The issues may be due to various reasons. This workaround will help you with troubleshooting methods for Amazon Prime not working on Roku.

Amazon Prime on Roku Not Working

Amazon Prime Not Working on Roku – Issues and Solutions

The reason for Amazon Prime not working on Roku is maybe with the app or streaming device. Sometimes the app might not load contents, or the screen may freeze due to some minor glitches. Such glitches can be solved with the following troubleshoots.

Check Amazon Prime is Working

The Amazon Prime server may be down, or the app might be updated in the background. In such cases, you cannot load or stream any content. You have to wait for the server to be back. You can check whether the problem is with the device by loading the application on some other devices like mobile or another streaming device. If the app is fine, then you need to move on to the next troubleshooting. If the app doesn’t work, then make sure to wait until the server works or contact Amazon Prime support for more clarity.

Amazon Prime Not Working on Roku

Log in with Correct Credentials

Make sure that you have logged in to your correct account. Logging in to the wrong user account may make you lose contents that have been customized for you. Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service. So make sure that you have subscribed to prime to load all the contents without any interruption. Also, check for the plan’s validity. If the validity is over, the contents will not load.

Check for Internet

In some cases, the major culprit can be your internet service provider. There may be an issue with the network, or the connection may be filled with a lot of traffic. So you may need to contact your service provider to check that everything is fine with your internet. Ensure that the device is connected to a proper and uninterrupted Wi-Fi network to load contents smoothly and fastly. Also, try changing the Wi-Fi router connection and position as it might help.

Amazon Prime Not Working on Roku

Restart Roku

Restarting the device is the basic solution to fix the common issues.

  • Unplug the Roku device from its power sources.
  • Wait for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Then turn on the device.
  • Relaunch the application and start streaming.

Check for Updates

Check whether your Roku streaming device has got any updates or not. If there is an update, install it and update the firmware of Roku. Along with that, the Amazon Prime app will also be updated to the latest version. It will fix most of the issues associated with Amazon Prime or any other streaming app.

Factory Reset Roku

Factory reset will remove all the installed channels and changes your device into a fresh one.

  • Go to Settings from the home screen.
  • Choose System > Advanced System Settings.
  • Choose Factory Reset.
  • Enter the code displayed on the screen.
  • Wait for your device to reset and then use it from the scratch.

Detailed Guide on Factory Reset Roku

Since the factory reset erases all your data from the device, you need to try this option at last. If the issues persist, contact the Roku support team to check whether your device had any issues or not. If it has any issues, replace it with a new one.

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