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How to Watch Cinema HD on Roku [2 Ways]



Cinema HD on Roku

Cinema HD is one of the best apps to stream movies for free. You can stream tons of popular movies without creating an account. With that, you can also download movies and can stream them offline anytime. Cinema HD is unavailable in the Roku Channel Store. But you can stream its videos on Roku using the screen mirroring method. Another possible way to add Cinema HD on Roku is by using the sideloading method.

How to Add Cinema HD on Roku [Sideloading]

If you wish to install the Cinema HD app on your Roku TV, you can sideload the app using the steps below. Before moving further, download the Cinema HD zip file from any reliable website.

#1. On your Roku remote, press the following buttons in the same order.

  • Home button (⌂) – 3 times
  • Up Arrow (↑) – 2 times
  • Right Arrow (→) – 1 time.
  • Left Arrow (←) – 1 time.
  • Right Arrow (→) – 1 time.
  • Left Arrow (←) – 1 time.
  • Right Arrow (→) – 1 time.

#2. The Developer Settings screen will appear on Roku TV. Note down the Username and IP address.

#3. Then, hit the button Enable installer and restart.

Click Enable Installer and Restart on Roku

#4. Select the option I Agree on the next screen.

Click I Agree

#5. Create a password and click the option Set password and reboot. Now, the Roku TV will restart automatically.

Set password for the developer mode

#6. Launch a browser on your PC. Then, connect the PC and Roku to the same WiFi.

#7. Navigate to the search bar and type the IP address noted above.

#8. On the pop-up menu, type rokudev in the User Name field.

#9. Then, enter the Password you have created above and tap login.

Click the Login button

#10. You will be directed to the Roku Development Application Installer webpage.

#11. Tap Upload and select the Zip file of the Cinema HD app. Then, click Open.

#12. Once uploaded, hit the Install button to add the app on Roku.

Upload the Cinema HD app to install the app on your Roku

#13. If you can’t find the Cinema HD app on Roku, update your Roku device and check again under the Streaming Channels section.

As Cinema HD is an illegal service, ensure to connect to a VPN while streaming Cinema HD videos on Roku.

How to Get Cinema HD on Roku [Screen Mirroring]

#1. Install the Cinema HD app on your Android phone.

Note: Cinema HD app is unavailable on the Play Store. You must download and install the Cinema HD APK from an APK website.

To mirror your Android screen, you need to enable the option Screen Mirroring on Roku. To do it, refer to the steps given below.

#2. Turn on your Roku TV or Roku-Connected TV.

#3. Scroll down and select Settings on the home screen.

#4. Click the option System on the settings menu.

#5. Select the option Screen mirroring and tap Screen mirroring mode.

Click Screen Mirroring to watch Cinema HD on Roku

#6. Now, choose Prompt or Always allow to enable the Mirroring option on your Roku.

Tap Prompt or Always Allow

#7. Connect the Roku to a WiFi. Then, connect the Android phone to the WiFi same as your Roku.

#8. Navigate to the Notification Panel on your Android phone.

#9. Locate and tap the Cast icon.

Click the Cast icon

#10. Select your Roku device name to mirror the Android screen. If prompted, tap Allow or Always Allow on your Roku TV.

#11. Once the Android screen is mirrored, launch the Cinema HD app on your Android phone and play any movie to watch it on Roku TV.

How to Stream Cinema HD on Roku from a PC

To screen mirror the Cinema HD app from your PC, you have to install the app using the BlueStacks app. Install the BlueStacks app from the website and sign in with your Google Account. Tap the install APK menu bar to browse Cinema HD and install the app. Launch the app and use the Chrome Browser Cast option to screen mirror Cinema HD to Roku from your PC. Now, you can stream your favorites on a big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best alternatives to CinemaHD on Roku TV?

Kodi, Cyberflix TV, TeaTV, Stremio, and BeeTV are the best alternatives to Cinema HD.

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