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How to Change Screensaver on Roku [All Models]



How to Change Screensaver on Roku

Roku is a streaming device where you can install tons of apps, mirror media files, stream internet TV channels, and much more. By changing the screensaver, you can personalize the appearance on the Roku device. Generally, a screensaver appears when your device has been idle for a long time or in sleep mode. Roku comes with features that allow you to create custom screensavers. So you can use your own photos as screensavers and view them on your TV. The following article gives you two different ways to change the screensaver on Roku.

How to Change Screensaver on Roku Using Roku Settings

{1} Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on your Roku remote.

{2} Click the Settings option.

 Roku Settings

{3} Choose the Screensaver option under the Settings menu.

{4} Select the image that you want to set as a screensaver.

{5} Click on the Preview button to see how the screensaver will appear.

{6} You can also modify some changes in the image by using Custom settings.

{7} Once you are done with it, click the OK button to set the screensaver.

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How to Change Screensaver Using Roku App

{1} Install the Roku app on your smartphone.

Connect your smartphone and the Roku device to the same network. Launch the app and pair it with your Roku device.

{2} Choose Media from the bottom tab and select Screensaver.

{3} On the next screen, click the Get Started button.

Roku Mobile App

{4} Click the Give Access button to access your local photos and videos.

{5} Select the image that you want to set as a screensaver and click Next.

Change Screensaver on Roku

{6} Choose the Style and Wait time for your Roku screensaver.

Change Screensaver on Roku

{7} Once done with it, click the Set Screensaver button.

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By using these two ways, you can easily change the Roku screensaver. Roku mobile app helps to access lots of images and offline pictures from your mobile. You can also install screensaver apps like Fireflies Screensaver free, Ouroborealis, and Beauty wild nature from the Roku channel store to change the appearance.

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