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How to Install Crunchyroll on Hisense Smart TV



Quick Answer

  • You can press the Crunchyroll button on the TV remote to open the app.
  • Go to the Crunchyroll activation website ( and enter the code to activate the app.
  • You can also use the Crunchyroll 24/7 Anime Channel on Amazon Freevee or The Roku Channel.

As a die-hard fan of Naruto, Crunchyroll is my favorite streaming app. When I got my Hisense Roku TV, the first thing that I checked was the Crunchyroll app. Luckily, the app is pre-installed with my Hisense TV. Along with that, there is a dedicated Crunchyroll button on the remote to open the app.

If you are using Hisense Smart TV and the Crunchyroll app is not pre-installed with it, use this guide to install the app. Here, I have mentioned ways to get the Crunchyroll app Hisense Smart TV with different OSes.

Before getting into the installation steps, go to the Apps section and check whether the Crunchyroll app is pre-installed. If it is available, skip to the activation section. If not, pick a method based on your Hisense TV OS to get the app.

How to Install Crunchyroll on Hisense Android TV

home screen.

1. Power on your TV and click on the Apps option from the home screen.

2. Move to the Google Play Store and search for Crunchyroll by using the search bar.

3. From the search result, select the App icon and click on the Install button.

4. Wait till the installation process is over and tap the Open button to launch the Crunchyroll app.

If you can’t get the Crunchyroll app, you need to update your Hisense TV to its latest firmware.

On Hisense Google TV

1. On Google TV, tap the Apps button on the home screen.

2. Select the Search for Apps button and search for the Crunchyroll app.

3. Select the Crunchyroll app and tap the Install button to get the app on your Hisense Google TV.

4. After the installation, tap the Open button to launch the app.

How to Get Crunchyroll on Hisense Roku TV

You can install the app the same way you install the Crunchyroll app on Roku streaming devices.

1. Turn on your Roku TV and press the Home button on your remote.

2. Select the Streaming Channels from the menu.

streaming channels

3. Then, click on the Search Channels option.

4. Enter Crunchyroll on the search bar and wait for the result.

5. From the search result, select the Crunchyroll app.

6. Click on the Add Channel option.

How to Download Crunchyroll on Hisense Fire TVs

1. Select the Find option on your Hisense Fire TV and select the Search icon.

click on the Find option.

2. Search for the Crunchyroll by using the virtual keyboard.

3. Then, choose the app from the search result and tap the Get menu.

4. The app will be installed after this process.

How to Install Crunchyroll on Hisense VIDAA TV

Hisense VIDAA TV

1. Go to the My Apps section on your Hisense VIDAA TV.

2. Open the App Store and click the Search icon.

3. Search for the Crunchyroll app.

4. Select the Crunchyroll app and tap the Install button.

5. Open the Crunchyroll app on your VIDAA TV.

How to Activate Crunchyroll on Hisense Smart TV

Once the app gets installed on your Hisense TV, you need to activate the Crunchyroll app to stream the anime content. You need to follow the activation steps irrespective of your Hisense TV model.

1. Launch the Crunchyroll app on your Hisense TV and click on the Sign in option.

2. You will receive an activation code.

3. Open the Crunchyroll activation site ( on the web browser from a PC or Smartphone.

4. Login with your Crunchyroll account if asked.

log in to Install Crunchyroll on Hisense Smart TV

5 Now, enter the activation code and click the Activate button.

Activate Crunchyroll on Hisense TV

6. Then, refresh the Crunchyroll app. You will get all the anime content on your Hisense TV.

How to Cast Crunchyroll on Hisense TV [Andorid or Google]

If you are not interested in installing and activating the Crunchyroll app, you can cast the app on your TV. In the Hisense Android and Google TV, you can cast the Crunchyroll app from your Android smartphone. For other TVs, you need to enable the Screen Mirroring or AirPlay feature to cast the app.

1. Instal the Crunchyroll app on your smartphone from the Play Store.

2. Then, connect your smartphone and Hisense TV to the same WiFi connection.

3. Open the Crunchyroll app and tap the Cast icon.

Cast Crunchyroll app

4. On the list of devices, choose your Hisense Android or Google TV.

5. Now, play any video content from the Crunchyroll app. It will appear on your Hisense TV screen.

6. To stop the casting, tap the Cast icon and click the Disconnect button.

Crunchyroll 24/7 TV Channel on Hisense TV

If you are in the USA, you can watch anime content using the free Crunchyroll TV Channel. The 24/7 Crunchyroll TV channel is available on Amazon Freevee, Vizio WatchFree+, LG Channels, and The Roku Channel. For Hisense Smart TV users, you can access the channel on The Roku Channel and Amazon Freevee. This announcement was made by Crunchyroll in collaboration with GSN. You can get the full news article on the Crunchyroll News website.

Platform NameChannel Number
The Roku ChannelChannel 778
Amazon Freevee

With this, it is fair to say that Crunchyroll is not only the best anime app for Android TV but also the best TV channel for anime fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch Crunchyroll content offline?

Yes, Crunchyroll allows offline viewing. You can download anime videos and watch them anytime you want.

2. Is Crunchyroll available on Hisense XClass TV?

No, Crunchyroll is not available on XClass TV models.

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