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How to Know Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile (Android & iPhone)



Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile (1)

Whatsapp has become the primary mode of communication between people as you can chat, make an audio call, video call, and exchange files and images. Having comprised all the necessary features, Whatsapp has active 1.5 billion users from 180 countries. And it is averaged that a person views his / her Whatsapp 23 times a day. So people check their WhatsApp more often not only to message but to view statuses by others and their profiles. In this article, let us see the possible way by which you can find who viewed my WhatsApp profile.

Whatsapp has an option to create a Business account for people who manage businesses. With this, one can add even more details about their business, information, contacts, location, and more. You can also set an automated reply to people who message you as you see in the Facebook messenger. So considering all these aspects, there are a lot of possibilities for people to visit your profile. And Whatsapp doesn’t have any feature built within the app to find it. So, let us see if we can find out who has viewed your profile from the methods below.

Can I Check Who Viewed my Profile on Whatsapp?

Yes, you can track the persons who view your profile using third-party apps. If you search for apps to find out who has viewed your status, plenty of apps are listed on the Play Store and App Store. Out of these, let us see some of the most familiar apps used online.

How to Find Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile – Android

There are many apps available to show who viewed your WhatsApp profile, and some of them are WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me?, Who viewed my profile-WhatsApp, Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile: Whats Tracker apk, etc. All these apps work in the same similar fashion.

Step1: Download any of the above apps from the Play Store or Android repository.

Step2: On your Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Under Device Administration, and turn on Unknown Sources.

Step3: Install the app and open it.

Step4: The app will have a Scan button anywhere on the home screen.

Click Scan to check who viewed your WhatsApp Profile

Step5: You will see a loading icon as it retrieves data from Whatsapp app about the people who viewed your profile.

Finally, you will see a list of contacts who have visited your profile. Some apps even show the date and time the person has visited your profile.

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How to Check Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile – iPhone

For iOS users, Social Network Analyzer is the app you need to install from the App Store. WRevealer is a popular app previously, which is a Cydia tweak for iOS devices and requires you to jailbreak your iOS device. Also, it was a paid app and provided one trail for its users. Unfortunately, the app is no longer active now.

Step1: Search for and install the Social Network Analyzer from the App Store.

Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile using WRevealer on iPhone

Step2: You need to create an account or sign in to the app to use it.

Step3: Tap the Search button.

Step4: In a few seconds, a list of contacts who viewed your profile will be listed.

Does it Really Work?

Whatsapp claims that it doesn’t share any information to third party apps as it is an end-to-end encrypted service, and the API doesn’t share information with third-party apps. Furthermore, all the results provided by these apps are 100% fake and wholly made up of random contacts. And if you decide to use such apps, bear in mind that these apps can handle your data in any way.

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We may have to wait until Whatsapp release an update with a feature to know who has viewed my profile. Practically this may not happen as it is against user privacy, and Whatsapp will never do anything that hinders it. You can use the above app to fake your friends and have some fun.


Does Instagram tell you who viewed your profile?

Instagram doesn’t allow users to check who viewed their profile.

Who can see my WhatsApp Status?

Only the people in your contact can see your status. you can also set the status for selective contacts.

Who Viewed me on WhatsApp?

You can see people who viewed your status on WhatsApp.

Does Twitter show who viewed your profile?

Unfortunately, no. Twitter doesn’t allow users to know who views their Twitter profile.

What does late seen mean on WhatsApp?

Last seen time refers to the contact that is last active time on WhatsApp.

How to find my WhatsApp number and Username?

#1 Click on the three-dot menu and click on Settings.
#2 Tap your Profile Picture to view your Name and contact number.

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