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How to Watch Apple TV Plus on Android TV



Apple TV on Android TV

Apple TV is used to refer to both the streaming device and the application. Here, we will be discussing the Apple TV app. Like Google Play Movies, Apple TV lets you buy or rent movies, shows, and much more content on Apple devices. It also lets you play the iTunes media library. You can explore more content on the Apple TV app by purchasing the Apple TV Plus membership. The subscription costs $4.99/month, and it lets you watch Apple Originals without ads. The following section will show the method for installing Apple TV on Android TV.

Install Apple TV App on Android TV

You can stream Apple TV Plus content with the Apple TV app on Android TV. Follow the below steps to install the application from Play Store.

1. Turn on your Android TV and connect it to the internet.

2. From the Android TV home screen, navigate to the Apps section.

3. Select the Google Play Store app. In some TV models, you need to go like Apps > Google Play Store or Get More Apps.

Install Apple TV or Apple TV Plus on Android TV

4. Hover over to the Search icon and type Apple TV on the search field with the help of the supplied remote.

Install Apple TV or Apple TV Plus on Android TV

5. Select the Apple TV app from the list of search results.

6. On the app information screen click on the Install button.

7. The app will be downloaded and installed on your Android TV.

AirPlay Apple TV from iPhone to Android TV

Few Android TV models are compatible with AirPlay from Apple devices.

1. Install the Apple TV app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Make sure to connect the Android TV and iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Open the Control Center and tap Screen Mirroring.

Screen Mirror iOS

4. Select your Android TV from the list of available devices.

5. Launch the Apple TV app and play any of your favorite content.

AirPlay Apple TV

Apple TV – Other Supported Devices

Here are few other devices that supports installing Apple TV app

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