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How to Install Apple TV App on Android TV



Apple TV on Android TV

Ever wonder about streaming Apple TV Plus on your Android TV? If so, the answer is Yes. Similar to other apps, you can also install the Apple TV application from the Play Store on Android TV. With the Apple TV app, you can stream more than 100,000 popular movies and TV shows in different quality formats. As Apple TV+ is a premium service, ensure to buy the subscription before installing the app on your TV. In addition to direct installation, you can also AirPlay the Apple TV Plus videos on your TV from your iPhone or iPad.

How to Get the Apple TV App on Android TV

[1] Turn On your Android TV and connect it to stable WiFi.

[2] From the Android TV home screen, navigate to the Apps section.

Apps section on Android TV

[3] From there, scroll and select the Google Play Store app.

Select Google Play Store

[4] Hover over to the Search icon and type Apple TV on the search field using the virtual keyboard.

Search for Apple TV Plus on Android TV

[5] Select the Apple TV app from the list of search results.

[6] On the app information screen, click the Install button.

Click the Install button

[7] Now, the Apple TV app will be installed on your TV.

How to Activate & Watch Apple TV+ on Android TV

[1] Open Apple TV and click the Sign In button.

[2] You will see an Apple TV activation code on the tvOS screen.

[3] Make a note of the Apple TV+ activation code and go to the Apple TV+ activation website (

[4] Type the code and hit Continue.

Activate Apple TV

[5] Sign In to your Apple TV+ account using your Apple ID credentials.

[6] Finally, relaunch the Apple TV app and watch your favourite movies on a big screen.

Apple TV on Android TV

How to AirPlay Apple TV+ Videos on Android TV

Alternatively, you can also enable the AirPlay option on your Android TV and can cast the Apple TV app content from your iPhone or iPad.

[1] Unlock your iPhone or iPad and connect it to the same WiFi as your Android TV.

[2] Install the Apple TV Plus app on your iPhone or iPad from App Store.

[3] Sign in to your Apple TV+ account using the required credentials.

[4] Once signed in, play your favourite content on the app and click the AirPlay icon at the top.

Click the AirPlay icon on Apple TV app

[5] Choose your Android TV from the list of available devices to mirror the iOS screen.

[6] Once connected successfully, you can watch the Apple TV Plus content on your TV.

How to Fix Apple TV App Not Working on Android TV

If you face any issues while installing or watching the Apple TV Plus content on your TV, don’t worry. You can proceed with the troubleshooting techniques to resolve the error.

  • While installing the app, connect your Android TV to a stable WiFi network.
  • Also, check the Internet speed and make sure it’s above 5Mbps.
  • If the app freezes frequently, restart your Android TV to eliminate the bugs and glitches on the system.
  • If the firmware is outdated, update your Android TV to its latest version to fix the issue. Also, update the Apple TV app.
  • If the app crashes, clear the cache data on your Android TV to boost your device’s performance.

Apple TV Plus: Subscription Plans

Apple TV Plus offers Monthly or Yearly subscription plans for its users. Fortunately, if you’re a new subscriber, you can also get a 7-day free trial on Apple TV Plus to access all the media content for free.


Moreover, you can also subscribe to Apple’s new all-in-one package, “Apple One“, at $16.95 per month to access all four premium subscriptions. This package includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud+.


1. Can you install the Apple TV app on Android TV?

Yes, you install the Apple TV app from the Play Store on your TV.

2. How to sideload the Apple TV app on Android TV?

You can sideload the Apple TV app using Downloader on Android TV.

3. How do I stream Apple TV+ on AndroidTV for free?

By subscribing to the Apple TV+ or Apple One free trial, you can access all the content on the app for free.

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