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Kodi Airplay – How to Enable Airplay Support on Kodi?



Kodi Airplay

If you’re an iOS user and want to stream your music directly through your Kodi installed device, you need to enable Kodi Airplay within your Kodi media player settings. By enabling the Airplay on your Kodi, you can broadcast your media to the Kodi from any iOS device like iPhone, iPod or any device with iTunes. As long as you’re connected to the home network, you can share the audio through Airplay on Kodi. Read further and know how to enable Airplay support on Kodi.

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How to Enable Airplay on Kodi?

Before enabling Kodi Airplay, you need to enable the Zeroconf option. To enable the Zeroconf feature, you need to download Apple Bonjour on your system.

#1: Launch Kodi Media Player.

#2: Tap the Settings Icon.

Kodi Airplay
Tap Settings

#3: On the settings page, select Service Settings.

Kodi Airplay
Tap Services

#4: Look out for Announce Services to other Systems under the General settings.

#5: Click the slider to enable Zeroconf on your Kodi.

Enable Zeroconf

After enabling the Zeroconf menu, you can Enable Airplay Support.

#6: On the same page, locate and select AirPlay menu.

#7: Under the Airplay menu, click the slider located next to the Enable Airplay Support.

Enable Airplay

#8: That’s it. Airplay support is enabled on your Kodi.

How to Set Password Protection for Kodi Airplay?

After enabling the Airplay, you can set password protection for your Airplay support to keep your data safe and secure.

#1: On the same Airplay page, look out for Use Password Protection.

#2: Click the slider located next to Use Password Protection.

#3: Enter a strong Password and tap OK.

#4: That’s it. The password protection for your Kodi Airplay has been set and your files will be kept safe and secure.

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Final Thoughts

This is how you have to enable Zeroconf and Airplay Support on your Kodi media player. We hope the article will be very useful when you have a party and want to allow your guests to control the audio. Thank you for visiting For further queries and feedback, feel free to comment below.

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