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How to Enable AirPlay on Kodi Media Player



Kodi Airplay

AirPlay is a wireless feature that is equipped on all Apple devices. With the AirPlay feature, you can easily share the iOS or Mac screen on any AirPlay-supported device. Kodi is a media center application that allows users to stream content via add-ons. You can also enable AirPlay on Kodi in the Settings section. Before enabling AirPlay on Kodi, you must install and set up the Apple Bonjour software on your device.

How to Enable Airplay on Kodi

Before enabling Airplay, you need to enable the Zeroconf option.

#1: Launch the Kodi Media Player on your device.

#2: Tap the Settings Icon exhibited at the top-left.

Select Settings icon on Kodi

#3: On the settings page, select Services.

Tap Services

#4: Look out for Announce Services to other systems under the General settings.

#5: Click the slider to enable Zeroconf on your Kodi.

Enable Announce Services to other systems

After enabling the Zeroconf, you can now enable Air Play on Kodi.

#6: On the same page, locate and select the option AirPlay.

#7: Under the Airplay menu, click the toggle switch next to the option Enable Airplay support to enable it.

Enable Kodi AirPlay

How to Set a Password for Kodi AirPlay

You can also set a password for AirPlay. To do it, refer to the steps given below.

#1: On the same Airplay page, navigate to the option Use password protection.

#2: Click the slider located next to Use password protection.

#3: Enter a strong password and tap OK to set a password for AirPlay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I stream videos from iPhone to Kodi?

By enabling AirPlay on Kodi, you can stream any video on your Kodi Media player.

2. How to disable AirPlay on Kodi?

Go to Kodi Settings → Tap Services → Select AirPlay → Tap the toggle button near the option Enable Airplay support to disable it.

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