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How to Watch Xfinity Stream on Roku



Xfinity on Roku

Quick Answer

  • The Xfinity Stream app is available for Roku devices from Roku OS 8.1 or higher.
  • Install the App: Go to Streaming Channels → Choose Search Channels → Search for Xfinity Stream → Select the App → Tap the Add Channel button.
  • Activate the App: Open the Xfinity Stream app → Note down the code → Go to the Xfinity Stream Activation website → Enter the Code to activate it.

After I got my Xfinity TV plan, I installed the Xfinity Stream app on my Roku device. With the Xfinity Stream app, one can access more than 250+ live TV channels with ease. While activating the app, I found out that the Xfinity Stream app is available only for Roku streaming devices and TVs that run on Roku OS 8.1 or higher. If you are using the older version, update the Roku device to get the app.

Here, I have mentioned everything you need to know about installing and using the Xfinity Stream app on Roku. Remember, to use the Xfinity Stream app, you need to have an active subscription from Xfinity Internet or Xfinity TV.

How to Get Xfinity Stream on Roku

For more than three years, the Xfinity Stream for Roku devices has been in beta. In August 2022, Xfinity released the stable version for all platforms.

1. Navigate to the Streaming Channels section.

Choose Streaming Channels on Roku

2. Click the Search Channels option.

3. Enter Xfinity Stream and search for the app.

4. From the search results, select the Xfinity Stream app.

5. Tap the Add Channel button.

6.: If you have enabled password protection on Roku, you need to enter the PIN. Otherwise, skip this step and move to the next one.

7. After entering the PIN, the channel will be downloaded on your Roku.

How to Activate Xfinity Stream on Roku

After downloading the channel, you must activate the app to stream its media content.

1. Launch the channel from the home screen.

2. Tap the Get Started or Sign In button on the app.

3. The activation code will appear on the screen. Note down the code.

4. Now, visit the Xfinity Stream activation website (

5. Enter the code displayed on the screen and tap Continue.

Activate Xfinity Stream on Roku

6. Enter your Xfinity Stream login details and tap Sign In.

7. After logging in, you will get a confirmation notification on the browser screen.

8. Now, the Xfinity Stream channel on Roku will refresh automatically.

9. Accept the terms and conditions by selecting Yes.

10. Enter the name of your device and tap Confirm.

Enter the device name

11. That’s it. The main screen of the Xfinity Stream Beta channel will appear on the screen.

How to Watch Xfinity Stream on Roku TV

Once you have done the activation part, it is time to stream the 250+ live TV channels.

1. On the home screen, you will get the Live TV, Saved, Browse, Search, and Settings icons.

Xfinity Stream home screen

2. Choose the Live TV tile to get the list of TV channels available in Xfinity Stream. All the live TV channels will appear with the EPG guide.

3. Select a channel to stream the video content.

4. In the Browse section, you will get on-demand content filtered by TV, Movies, Kids and Family, Networks, News, Sports, and Latino.

5. If you want to search for a specific TV channel or a movie, click the Search icon and search for it.

6. Tap the Heart icon next to the channel to save it as a favorite. All the Heart-marked channels will appear on the Saved menu.

7. In the Settings menu, you can control options like Language, Parental Controls, Accessibility, Format, Help, Terms & Policies, About, and Sign Out option.

8. If you want to sign out of your Xfinity account, click the Sign Out option. On the confirmation screen, tap the Sign Out button.

Sign Out of Xfinity Stream on Roku

Xfinity Stream Not Working on Roku

If you have any issues with the Xfinity Stream app on your Roku, follow the below fixes.

  • Xfinity Stream App Crashes to Home Screen: If the Xfinity app crashes frequently while signing in, you need to restart the app.
  • Error: TVAPP-00101: If you get this error code, there is an issue with Xfinity’s home WiFi network. Make sure that the Roku is connected to Xfinity Internet. You can’t access the Xfinity Stream app on Roku away from your home WiFi network.
  • You can also try some of the basic troubleshooting fixes, like resetting the router, restarting the Roku, and re-installing the app.


1. Is Xfinity Stream on Roku free?

Yes, if you have an Xfinity account, you can access the app on Roku without any additional charges.

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