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How to Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV



How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

The cache is nothing but temporary data stored on your Samsung TV when you access the app or web browser. When you try to access the same information on the app or in a web browser, the cache will help you to get the information quickly. But in the process of helping you, it also slows down the performance of your Samsung Smart TV. To avoid this problem, you can clear the cache stored on your Samsung Smart TV anytime in the Manage Storage section.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung Smart TV [2020 Models or Later]

1. Power On your Samsung TV and go to the home screen. Then, hit the Settings icon.

2. Hit the Support tab from the left pane and choose the Device Care option.

3. Select the Manage Storage button and choose the app to clear the cache.

4. Hit the View Details button and hit the Clear Cache button to clear the app cache on Samsung TV.

Hit the Clear Cache Button

To clear the cache of all apps installed on your TV, refer to the below one-line guide.

Navigate to Settings > Support > Device Care > Start Device Care.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV [7 Series or 2019 Models]

1. Go to Settings on your Samsung Smart TV and choose the Support tab from the left pane.

2. Choose the Self-Diagnosis option.

3. From the Self Diagnosis section, choose the TV Device Manager option.

4. Hit the Clean Now option from the bottom left corner of the screen. This will clear all the cache stored on your TV.

Tap Clear Cache

5. In case you want to clear the cache of a specific app, hit the Show App List option.

6. Choose the app you want to clear the cache and click the View Details button.

7. Hit the Clear Cache button to clear the app’s cache.

How to Clear Cache on Older Samsung TV Models

You only have the option to clear cookies on your older Samsung TV models. Here are the methods to do the same on your earlier models of Samsung TVs.

For the Samsung TV 2016 to 2018 Models:

To clear the Cookies, navigate to Settings > Broadcasting > Expert Settings > HbbTV Settings > Delete Browsing Data > Delete.

For the Samsung TV 2015 and Below Models:

For this Samsung TV model, go to Apps > Settings > Privacy & Security > Delete Browsing Data > Yes.

Other Ways to Clear the Cache on Samsung Smart TV

There are a lot of simple ways to clear the cache stored on your Samsung Smart TVs. Here are some of the working methods to do the same.

1. Restarting your Samsung TV helps you to delete the app cache.

2. Updating the software on your Samsung TV improves performance and fixes bugs. Check for the updates in the TV settings and update Samsung TV firmware to the latest version.

3. Factory Resetting is another way to clear the cache on your Samsung TV. You can reset the Samsung Smart Hub without a PIN to clear the cache. To reset your Samsung TV, refer to the steps below.

Go to Settings → Click Support Self DiagnosisReset → Enter PIN.

4. You can also clear the cache of an app by uninstalling it. After uninstalling the app, install the app on Samsung TV again from the App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I clear the cache on Samsung TV?

If the Clear Cache button of the app is greyed out, it may be due to minor bugs. To fix it, close all the apps on your Samsung TV and try clearing the cache again.

2. How do I free up memory on my Samsung Smart TV?

You can free up memory on your Samsung Smart TV by uninstalling unwanted apps or by clearing the app cache.

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