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Why You Should Get into VPNs and How Can They Help You



importance of vpn

In this day and age when hackers and government agencies are constantly snooping around, you need to be especially careful who might be keeping an eye on your browsing history. VPNs offer an easy solution to this problem by employing advanced techniques which ensure that your privacy is maintained.

importance of vpn

Sometimes you might need to use a VPN to bypass some arbitrary restrictions by your ISP, government agencies, or a certain service provider. VPNs guarantee you the freedom of access to the internet and safeguard your privacy from prying eyes. Let’s see some more in-depth reasons as to why you should get a VPN for yourself. 

1. Hides Your Online Identity

Everyone should ideally be able to maintain their anonymity while browsing the internet. But usually, it isn’t so and your IP address can give out your location and identity. A VPN makes it so that your digital footprint can’t be tracked by any hacker, your ISP, or a government agency. Since they can’t have access to your browsing history, they won’t have a clue what you’ve been doing.

Another advantage is that the advertisers will not be able to track your preferences and won’t be able to show you targeted ads. This targeting strategy is a popular one among many online stores, oftentimes you search for something once, and it starts popping up on every webpage ad. You can easily avoid this psychological trigger used by companies to entice you if you use a VPN. 

2. Bypass Geo-Blocks

If your country has some restrictions on the kinds of websites you can visit or an app has a built-in geo-block then a VPN will help you. A VPN will bypass the wall behind which the content is hidden by faking your location to somewhere the geo-block isn’t applicable. It also comes in handy when you’re traveling to a country with extensive censorship like China.

You might want to access some web streaming services, but many services don’t operate outside of their particular country. A great Indian streaming service Zee5 isn’t accessible in the USA but the VPN gurus at VPN Brains say that you can do so by following a few steps found on and bypassing these restrictions altogether. This can even help you access the shows which are available on your streaming service but not in your region.

3. Better Security

Everyone wants to make sure that their sensitive information is not seen by anyone. This information might be in the form of credit card details, passwords, or anything else. But if you connect to a public Wi-Fi network without using a VPN then you’re risking compromising your sensitive data. But if you utilize a VPN while doing so, you can easily prevent this since the VPN will automatically encrypt your data and then transmit it.

Even your ISP, who can usually see all the data that you exchange online can’t do anything about a VPN. Even if they try to look into it, they’ll only find encrypted data being exchanged by your VPN. This ensures optimum privacy at the cost of a little bit slower internet speeds. 

4. Saves you Money

One of the most shameful and unethical tactics employed by airlines and e-commerce platforms is differential pricing based on location. The airlines sell more expensive tickets to those who access their websites from more affluent cities. To trick the trickster, you can use your VPN and set the location to a place where the cost of living is much lower. This will help you bag a better deal and save a lot of money in the long run. 

5. Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

Most ISPs throttle the speed of your internet if they are running out of bandwidth. This is a technique oftentimes used by ISPs to convince users to shell out more money on expensive plans. If your ISP is doing, so then you can prevent that from happening by utilizing a VPN since the throttling is based on the web pages you visit. If your ISP can’t even see the pages you’re visiting then they have no possible way of throttling your speeds. You can easily accomplish this without having to unnecessarily pay for something that you don’t need.

importance of vpn

These are just a few of the various benefits of using a VPN. The scope of application is pretty huge, and it is perfectly legal and ethical for you to do so. You’re not breaking any rules and at the same time, you’re avoiding the unfair and unjust practices employed by your ISPs, government agencies, and hackers. Using a VPN is highly recommended for anyone who values their privacy and information even a little bit. The cost of a VPN subscription is negligible when compared to the host of benefits it provides you with.

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