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How to Install Mozilla Firefox on Google TV



Firefox on Google TV

Firefox is an open-source web browser popularly known for its user-friendly interface and faster download speeds. Most people use Firefox as the default browser on their smart devices. Mozilla Firefox is available for several devices, such as Android, iOS, Computers, etc. Unfortunately, Firefox is unavailable for streaming devices like Google TV. But you can get the Firefox browser by sideloading the app on Google TV using Downloader.

How to Install Firefox on Chromecast with Google TV

The steps to sideload the Firefox app are divided into four parts mentioned below.

Install Downloader on Google TV

{1} Turn On your Chromecast with Google TV and click Search on the home screen.

{2} Type and search for the Downloader app using the virtual keyboard.

Search for Downloader

{3} From the search results, select the Downloader app.

{4} Tap the Install button to install the downloader app on Google TV.

Install Downloader on Google TV

Enable Developer Mode on Google TV

{5} After installation, navigate to the Home Screen.

{6} Tap the Profile icon at the top-right.

{7} Select the Settings option from the menu.

Tap Settings on Google TV

{8} Navigate to the System and click About.

Click About

{9} Scroll down and tap the option Android TV OS build up to 7-8 times to enable the developer mode on Google TV.

Tap Android TV OS build

{10} After enabling it, you will see the message “You are now a developer” on the screen.

Turn On Unknown Sources on Google TV

{11} Navigate to the Settings section and select Apps.

Click Apps on Google TV

{12} Scroll down to the bottom and tap Security & Restrictions.

Select Security & Restrictions

{13} Hit the option Unknown Sources, and select the toggle switch placed near the Downloader app.

{14} Now, you have enabled the Unknown Sources for Downloader.

Enable Downloader to install Firefox on Google TV

Sideload Firefox on Google TV

{15} Return to the home screen on Google TV and launch the Downloader app.

{16} Click Allow and grant access to the required permissions.

{17} Enter the Firefox APK link in the URL box and select the Go button.

Enter Firefox APK link

{18} After downloading the APK file, click the Install option to download the app on Google TV.

{19} Once installed, launch the Firefox browser on your Google TV and browse web pages on a larger screen.

Firefox on Google TV

Alternate Method to Get Firefox on Google TV

Alternatively, you can cast Mozilla Firefox on your Google TV using your Android phone. To do it, you need to connect the Android Phone and Google TV to the same WiFi.

{1} Download the Mozilla Firefox app on your Android Phone from the Play Store.

{2} Go to the Notification Panel on your Android Phone.

Tap the Cast icon

{3} Click the Cast icon from the pop-up menu.

{4} Select your Google TV device to cast the Android device screen.

{5} Once the Android screen is mirrored on Google TV, launch the Firefox browser and surf the web on a big screen.

Firefox on Google TV

Features of Mozilla Firefox


1. Does Google TV have an in-built browser?

Google Chrome Browser is the in-built browser for Google TV.

2. What are the best alternatives to Firefox on Google TV?

Chrome, Puffin, TVWeb Browser, TV Bro, Kiwi Browser, and JioPages are some of the best alternatives to Firefox.

3. Is Mozilla Firefox available on Android TV?

No, Firefox is not available for Android TV. But you can sideload the Firefox app using the Downloader app on Android TV.

4. Why is Firefox not working on my Google TV?

Check whether you have connected the Google TV to a stable Wi-Fi network. Then, restart the Firefox browser to fix the not working issue.

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