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How to Watch MeTV on Roku [Possible Ways]



Me TV on Roku

Memorable Entertainment Television, or MeTV, is an American cable TV channel that mainly broadcasts popular classic TV shows. This service is owned by Weigel Broadcasting. It airs various classic TV shows (1930 to 1990) from the libraries of CBS and the 20th Century. MeTV broadcasts more than 50 classic TV series every week. Apart from TV shows, it also comprises Quizzes, music videos, and more. This application is not available in the Roku Channel Store. So, you cannot add this channel on Roku. But, you can stream MeTV content on Roku using the screen mirroring method.


#1. Connect the Roku device to your TV and follow the necessary procedures to set up the Roku device.

#1. Connect the smartphone or PC and Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network.

#2. If you are using an Android phone or Windows PC, turn On the option Screen Mirroring on Roku. To do it,

  • Go to Settings → click System → Tap Screen Mirroring → Select Screen Mirroring Mode → Click Prompt or Always Allow.
Enable Screen Mirroring to stream MeTV on Roku

#3. The iOS and Mac users need to enable AirPlay on Roku before mirroring the device screen. To enable it,

  • Navigate to Settings → Click Apple Airplay and Homekit → Select Apple Airplay and Homekit Settings → Tap AirPlay → Turn it ON.
Enable the Airplay to watch Me TV on Roku

#4. Install the MeTV app on your Android and iOS device.

How to Screen Mirror MeTV from Android Device

#1. On your smartphone, navigate to the Notification panel and tap on the Cast Icon.

Tap the Cast icon

#2. From the list shown, choose your Roku Device to mirror the Android device screen.

#3. Once mirrored, open the MeTV app and sign in to your account.

#4. Play your favorite show or movie and stream it on your Roku-connected TV or Roku TV.

How to Get MeTV on Roku by Mirroring iPhone/iPad Screen

#1. Launch the MeTV app on your iPhone or iPad and enter your account credentials to sign in.

#2. Once signed in, go to the Control Center Panel on your iOS device, and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

Select Screen Mirroring

#3. Look for the Roku device name on the pop-up and tap it.

#4. A passcode will appear on the Roku TV screen.

#5. On your iOS device, type the password on the required field and tap OK.

#6. Now, the iOS device screen will be mirrored on your Roku TV.

#7. Navigate to the MeTV app and play any videos/movies of your choice to stream them on a big screen.

How to Screen Mirror MeTV from Windows PC

Before moving further, enable the option Screen Mirroring on Roku.

#1. Launch a browser and go to the website

#2. On the MeTV app interface, hit the Log In button in the upper right corner.

Go to MeTV website

#3. Sign In using your account credentials.

Sign in to MeTV

#4. Press the Windows + K keys on your keyboard.

#5. Now, you will see the Connect menu on the right side.

Select your Roku device

#6. From the list of devices shown, select your Roku device to mirror the Windows PC screen.

#7. Navigate to the MeTV website and play your desired content to watch it on Roku.

How to Watch MeTV on Roku by Mirroring Mac Screen

Before moving into the steps, turn On the option AirPlay on Roku.

#1. Turn On your Mac and tap the Control Center icon at the top.

#2. Select Screen Mirroring and click the name of your Roku device.

Tap Screen Mirroring

#3. Now, the Mac screen will appear on your Roku TV.

#4. Launch the Safari browser on Mac and visit the MeTV website (

#5. Fill in the necessary login details to sign in to your account.

#6. Play any show on the MeTV website and enjoy watching it on your Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is MeTV available on the Roku Channel Store?

No. MeTV is not available in the Roku Channel Store.

2. How do I get MeTV on my Roku TV?

You need to mirror the smartphone or PC screen on Roku TV to stream MeTV content.

3. Is MeTV a legal service?

Yes. MeTV is a legal service and it is available in the Play Store and App Store.

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