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Best Apple TV apps | Movies, Games & More [2021]



In 2019, the craze for smart TV has increased so much. A lot of smart TVs are hitting the market and Apple TV stands alone with its features. The huge number of iPhone apps in the apple store are customized and updated in a way that can be installed on Apple TV too. On Apple TV, you can install most of the iPhone apps. Apple TV replaces the traditional satellite and cable TV as it brings plenty of contents directly to your TV. Among the plenty of apps available, we will discuss the best Apple TV apps in this post.

Best Apple TV apps

Here are the best Apple TV apps.

  • Netflix
  • CBS News
  • TED
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • iBooks StoryTime
  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush
  • Discovery GO
  • ESPN
  • Kitchen Stories
  • Pandora

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It is known for its online streaming service across the world. It is the first app that one may think to install in their smart Apple TV. Of course, it is a free app. Once you subscribe to Netflix through any of your iOS devices, you can stream Netflix on your smart Apple TV. Netflix is a must-have app on your smart TV.

Best Apple TV apps

CBS News

The CBS News app is the one giant streaming news channel. Constantly, it gives you breaking news and important news around the world. This app contains purely nothing but news. If you are searching for daily news, CBS News is a good option for you. Keep yourselves updated with this app.

Best Apple TV apps

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TED is one of the best apps for people who search for inspiration and new ideas. Get to know about the success stories of people around the world. You will have over 2000 free videos that feature smart and intelligent people talking about exciting things. There are categories for Science, Psychology, Business, Technology, Politics and much more.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you are a gamer, you will love this action-packed racing app. With 4K streaming, this game is a beast. Asphalt was developed by Gameloft. You will be amazed to play the game on your 4K smart TV. It is one of the best gaming apps for smart Apple TV users.


iBooks StoryTime

If you have this app on your smart Apple TV, you don’t need to read bedtime stories to your children. Just select a book from this app, this will read the book to your children with narration, animations, and automatic page-turning. It contains all the kid’s book from Dora to Sesame Street.

Best Apple TV apps

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Everyone love minions. Minion Rush is one of the fun and entertaining app for Apple TV. The game puts you in control of the minion and lets you run through the track and obstacles. This game is suited for both kids and adults.

Best Apple TV apps

Discovery GO

If you love adventure, Discovery GO is a must-have app on your Apple TV. This app lets you watch full episodes and live TV form the Discovery Channel. With this app, you can stream the Discovery channel content anytime on your smart TV.

Discovery Go


ESPN is the best app for Apple TV users who are more interested in sports. You can stream any match you want with this app. This app is a mix up of live and on-demand video content. You may find sports content which are not typically available anywhere.


Kitchen Stories

The Kitchen Stories will be suited to those who identify themselves as Foodies. This app contains a lot of food recipes with video tutorials. In addition to that, you can also publish your new recipes in this app and noted by the global community of home cooks. It is one of the best-suited apps for people who love cooking.

Best Apple TV apps


Pandora is an app with all the music and podcasts. It is one of the best apps to have on your Apple TV. You can listen, discover, personalize any of the music library available. You just have to say the artist name, it will create custom radio station tailored to you when listen more and more. This app is well suited for music enthusiasts.


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With Apple smart TV getting more and more trendier, smart TV apps are gaining more and more attention. Install the above mentioned app on your Apple smart TV and enjoy watching Apple TV.

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