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How to Stream FIFA World Cup 2022 on Roku



How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Roku

FIFA (Federation Internationale Football Association) is a Football tournament conducted once in every four years. The FIFA World Cup 2022 starts from November 20 to December 18. The countries are classified into 8 groups. Each group comprises 4 countries. Totally, there are 32 teams in FIFA World Cup. If you are a Roku user, you can watch the FIFA World Cup by installing the Fox Sports channel.

How to Add Fox Sports on Roku

#1. Connect a Roku device to your Samsung TV or any other TV brand you’re using, and connect the Roku-connected TV to a WiFi network.

#2. On the home screen, hit the option Streaming Channels.

Click Streaming Channels

#3. Scroll down and select the option Search Channels.

Click Search Channels

#4. Type Fox Sports on the search bar using the virtual keyboard.

#5. Locate the app from the search results and tap it.

#6. Select the Add Channel button to download the app on Roku.

#7. After installation, select the Go to Channel button to launch the app.

How to Activate Fox Sports to Watch FIFA World Cup

#1. Tap the Settings tab on the Fox Sports Channel.

#2. Hit the option Sign in.

#3. Note down the Fox Sports activation code exhibited on the screen.

#4. Go to the official Fox Sports activation website ( and enter the code on the required box.

#5. Tap Submit and log in using your TV provider’s credentials.

Enter the Code to Watch FIFA World Cup on Roku

#6. Once signed in, watch all your favorite matches of the FIFA World Cup on your Samsung TV or the TV you have connected with the Roku device.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Groups

There is a total of 8 groups available in the FIFA World Cup. Each group consists of 4 countries.

Group AQatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and The Netherlands.
Group BEngland, IR Iran, USA, and Wales.
Group CArgentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland.
Group DFrance, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia.
Group ESpain, Costa Rica, Germany, and Japan.
Group FBelgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia.
Group GBrazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon.
Group HPortugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and Korea Republic.

FIFA World Cup 2022: Scheduled Dates

The scheduled dates of FIFA World Cup matches are listed below.

Group Matches:

November 20Qatar vs. Ecuador
November 21England vs. Iran
November 21Senegal vs. Netherlands
November 22USA vs Wales
November 22Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia
November 22Denmark vs. Tunisia
November 22Mexico vs. Poland
November 23Australia vs. France
November 23Morocco vs. Croatia
November 23Germany vs. Japan
November 23Spain vs. Costa Rica
November 24Belgium vs. Canada
November 24Switzerland vs. Cameroon
November 24Uruguay vs. South Korea
November 24Portugal vs. Ghana
November 25Brazil vs. Serbia
November 25Wales vs. Iran
November 25Qatar vs. Senegal
November 25Netherlands vs. Ecuador
November 26England vs. USA
November 26Australia vs. Tunisia
November 26Poland vs. Saudi Arabia
November 26France vs. Denmark
November 27Argentina vs. Mexico
November 27Japan vs. Costa Rica
November 27Belgium vs. Morocco
November 27Croatia vs. Canada
November 28Spain vs. Germany
November 28Cameroon vs. Serbia
November 28South Korea vs. Ghana
November 28Brazil vs. Switzerland
November 29Portugal vs. Uruguay
November 29Netherlands vs. Qatar
November 29Ecuador vs. Senegal
November 30Wales vs. England
November 30Iran vs. USA
November 30Australia vs. Denmark
November 30Tunisia vs. France
December 1Poland vs. Argentina
December 1Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico
December 1Croatia vs. Belgium
December 1Canada vs. Morocco
December 2Japan vs. Spain
December 2Costa Rica vs. Germany
December 2South Korea vs. Portugal
December 2Ghana vs. Uruguay
December 3Cameroon vs. Brazil
December 3Serbia vs. Switzerland

Round of 16:

DateRound of 16
December 31A vs. 2B
December 41C vs. 2D
December 41D vs. 2C
December 51B vs. 2A
December 51E vs. 2F
December 61G vs. 2H
December 61F vs. 2E
December 71H vs. 2G

Road to Finals:

December 9, and 11Quarterfinals.
December 14 and 15Semi-finals.
December 17Third-place playoff
December 18Finals

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I stream live matches of the FIFA World Cup?

You can stream live matches of the FIFA World Cup by installing the Fox Sports app on Roku.

2. What are the alternative services to watch FIFA World Cup on Roku?

By installing the streaming apps like YouTube TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu, or DirecTVStream on Roku, you can watch FIFA World Cup.

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