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How to Install IPTV on Xbox One & Xbox 360?



IPTV on Xbox

Xbox consoles are not just for gaming purposes. You can use the consoles for streaming purposes too. You can install IPTV Media Players on Xbox consoles and stream cable TV channels using the internet connection. There are plenty of IPTV apps available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the Microsoft Store. You can install any of those apps and stream the IPTV videos on your Xbox consoles.

How to Watch IPTV on Xbox One & Xbox 360 Using Kodi

The best way to watch IPTV channels on the Xbox console is by installing the Kodi Media Player on Xbox. By installing Kodi, you can watch all the IPTV channels using the PVR IPTV Simple Client.

#1: Connect your Xbox console to the TV.

#2: Navigate to the Apps Store and download the Kodi Media Player.

#3: After installation, launch the app and select the TV menu.

IPTV on Xbox

#4: A pop-up will appear on the screen. Select OK to continue.

IPTV on Xbox

#5: Select the Enter add-on browser button.

Enter add-on browser

#6: Scroll down and select the PVR IPTV Simple Client.

IPTV on Xbox

#7: Select Install to start the installation process.

IPTV on Xbox

#8: Within a few minutes, the IPTV client will be installed on your Kodi.

#9: After installation, right-click the client and select the Information menu.

#10: Select Configure option.

PVR IPTV Simple Client

#11: Under the General menu, select M3U Play List URL.

M3U Playlist

#12: Enter the M3U URL you received from the IPTV provider and tap OK.

IPTV on Xbox

#13: Wait until you receive the Channels loaded notification.

#14: That’s it. Now, you can stream your favorite IPTV channel.

How to Install IPTV Apps on Xbox

In the Microsoft Store, you can install IPTV Media Players apps like MyIPTV Player to stream cable TV channels.

#1: On your Xbox console, go to the App Store.

#2: Search for IPTV and choose the IPTV app of your preference.

#3: Install the IPTV Player on your Xbox. We suggest you use the MyIPTV Player, as it is more advanced and easy to use. You can also refer to the Microsoft Store link for the MyIPTV Player.

#4: Open the My IPTV Player app on your Xbox.

#5: Tap the Settings icon on the home screen.

#6: Click the Add new playlist and EPG Source option to enter your IPTV credentials.

#7: Provider all the needed information like M3U URL, EPG Guide, and Playlist Details.

#8: Then, click the Add button. It will load all the IPTV content.

#9: With this, you can watch all the cable TV channels from your IPTV provider.

Best IPTV Media Player Apps for Xbox

MyIPTV Player is the best IPTV app for Xbox. If you want an alternative, you can try the below-mentioned apps.



In the IPTV FTW! app, you can watch IPTV videos using the M3U URL and a playlist file. You can’t use your IPTV login credentials (email and password) in the IPTV. Features like PIP mode, Subtitles support, and multiple IPTV accounts are available. The IPTV FTW! app is available for free.

Download Link: Microsoft Store

Universal IPTV

Universal app

The Universal IPTV app is one of the fewest media player apps that offer support for all the M3U URLs and EPG guides. The app also offers a search function to look for channels. You can use the IPTV app in two different languages (English and Italian).

Download Link: Microsoft Store



IPTV+ is a premium media player app available in the Microsoft Store. It costs $4.99. You can upload IPTV videos using M3U and M3U8 URLs. Using the IPTV+ app on your Xbox, you can also stream your local video files.

Download Link: Microsoft Store


1. Is there an app on Xbox to watch live TV?

Yes, live TV apps like Sling TV and fuboTV are available for Xbox. You can also install streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on Xbox.

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