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How to Get TNT on Samsung Smart TV

Quick Answer

  • TNT is not available in the Smart Hub of Samsung Smart TV.
  • You can stream TNT content on Samsung TV by visiting the TNT website on your Samsung TV web browser.
  • Alternatively, you can cast or AirPlay the TNT content to your Samsung Smart TV by installing the app from the Play Store or App Store.

TNT offers a dedicated streaming app, Watch TNT, for viewing live sports, classic shows, and blockbuster movies. Unfortunately, the Samsung TV Smart Hub doesn’t have the Watch TNT app. So, you should rely on alternative techniques to watch TNT Network originals on your Smart TV. Remember that it requires TV provider credentials to stream the TNT content on your TV.

We have explored all the possible options and given you working methods to stream TNT on your TV.

How to Watch TNT on Samsung TV Via Browser

TNT doesn’t come with any standalone subscription plan. You must use the supported TV provider credentials to access the TNT platform.

1. Switch on your Samsung TV and connect it to a stable WiFi network.

2. Launch the home screen using the remote control and navigate to the Apps tile.

Open the Apps tile on Samsung TV.

3. On the address bar, type in the URL [] to visit the TNT website.

4. Start the preview of any available content and wait for the screen to show up the Sign In button.

Click on the Sign in button.

5. Select the Sign In button and select your TV provider from the list. You can sign in with TV service Providers like COX, DirecTV, Spectrum, Xfinity, Optimum and more. To view the complete list of TV providers, visit the TNT website.

6. Once you have navigated to your provider login page, log in to your account with the necessary credentials.

7. After connecting with your TV provider, you can start watching the TNT content on your TV.

How to Cast or AirPlay TNT on Samsung Smart TV from Smartphone

1. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and launch its home page using remote control.

2. Connect your smartphone and Samsung TV to the same WiFi network.

3. On your Android phone or iPhone, get the TNT app from the Play Store or App Store. If you want to AirPlay the content from your iPhone, you need to turn on AirPlay on your Samsung TV.

4. Launch the TNT app and Sign in to the app using your TV Provider credentials.

5. Select and play the content that you want to watch on your Samsung TV.

6. Click the Cast icon or AirPlay icon in the video player.

Cast TNT on Samsung TV

7. Select your Samsung Smart TV from the list of devices.

8. Once connected, you can watch content playing on your big screen.

Is It Possible to Watch TNT on Samsung TV using a Streaming Device?

Yes. Since many streaming devices support this service, you can rely on any of them as the best option to stream the service on your Samsung TV. You can connect any of the following devices to your TV and install the app from the respective app store.

How to Watch TNT on Samsung TV via Streaming Services

The good thing is that the TNT channel is available on many streaming services, and those service-dedicated apps are natively available on Samsung Smart TVs. If you don’t have a TV provider subscription, you can use one of the below services subscriptions to watch TNT on your TV without cable.

Streaming ServiceBasic SubscriptionFree TrialWebsite Link
Sling TV on Samsung TV$40/
DirecTV Stream on Samsung TV$79.99/month5
Hulu on Samsung TV$76.99/
YouTube TV on Samsung TV$72.99/month7


1. What channel is TNT on Samsung Plus TV?

TNT is not available on Samsung TV+.

2. Why can’t I Cast or AirPlay the TNT content on Samsung TV from my phone?

If you did not connect your phone and the TV to the same WiFi network, you cannot Cast or AirPlay. So, check the connection. Also, check if the app is outdated on your smartphone and update the app. If the problem persists, restart your Samsung TV.

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