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How to Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently



Delete PUBG Mobile Account

Without any doubt, there are tons of reasons to delete a PUBG Mobile account permanently. If you spend too much time playing PUBG (4 to 6 hours per day), you will end up with several health issues. PUBG itself has advised the players to be aware of their health while playing the game. Moreover, it also notifies you when you have played the game for 2 hours a day. If you’re one among the people who spend a lot of time on PUBG, here is the guide to delete your PUBG account permanently.

By removing or deleting the PUBG account will not delete your account. Even if you have cleared the app storage on the device, your account details will be stored on the server and can be re-used at any time.

Steps Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently

#1: Launch the PUBG game on your Android or iOS device.

#2: Tap the up arrow icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Delete PUBG Mobile Account

#3: Select the Settings menu.

Delete PUBG Mobile Account

#4: By default, the Settings will open with the Basic menu.

#5: Tap the Delete Account option located next to Log Out menu.

Unlink or Delete PUBG Mobile Account from Social Media

If you have created PUBG mobile account by connecting your Google account, Facebook or Twitter, you need to unlink the account from the respective service.


#1: Open a browser and visit

#2: Log in to the Facebook account that you linked with the PUBG Mobile. Skip this step if you’re already logged in.

#3: Tap the Apps and Websites menu on the left-side menu panel.

Unlink PUBG from Facebook

#4: Select View and edit option located next to PUBG Mobile. Tap See More options if you can’t view the PUBG Mobile.

Unlink PUBG from Facebook

#5: Scroll down and select Remove.

Unlink PUBG from Facebook

#6: Confirm the process and delete your account.

Unlink PUBG from Facebook


#1: Visit and log in to your account.

#2: Scroll down to the Account section and select Apps and Sessions.

#3: Select PUBG Mobile.

#4: Click Revoke Access.

Google Play Games

#1: Open Settings and click the Google menu.

#2: Click Account Services.

#3: Select Connected Apps.

Unlink PUBG Mobile from Twitter

#4: Select PUBG Mobile and select DISCONNECT.

#5: Again, tap DISCONNECT to confirm the process.

Once you have deleted the PUBG account permanently, you can’t revoke the account. All the details including achievements, settings, and other related data will be deleted.

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