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How to Delete a Gmail Account | Tips & Tricks



how to delete gmail account

Google Gmail has been one of the oldest means of communication tools used till date for varied purposes. It is known for the free storage, organized inbox, built-in search bar, spam filter, and more. Despite the advanced features it is offering, some prefer deleting the Gmail service as to create a new account while few others opt to switch to a new username. Let the reason be anything, the article will guide with the steps to delete Gmail account easily. Deleting the Gmail account is a permanent process and therefore all your emails along with the account settings will be removed permanently.

Note: You must indeed know that deleting the Gmail account will not delete your Google account and the entire services associated with it.

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How to Delete Gmail Account

You can delete your Gmail account from your desktop, Android, iPhone and iPad easily. The steps involved in deleting the Gmail account is almost the same on any platform. Get to know the steps to delete your Gmail account from below.

Gmail account can be deleted from your desktop PC if you follow the steps given below.

#1. Firstly, you should open the browser and go to Google Account (

#2. Choose Data & Personalization option from the navigation panel on the left.

how to delete gmail account

#3. Scroll down to click on Delete a service or your account option under the panel that reads Download, delete, or make a plan for your data.

#4. Tap on Delete a service option on the Delete a Google Service panel.

how to delete gmail account

Note: Select the Delete Google Account and Data option if you wanted to delete your Google Account entirely.

#5. You will be prompted to sign in to your account. So enter your Gmail id and password to proceed further.

#6. After that, click on the trash icon next to Gmail to delete the service.

how to delete gmail account

Note: If you wanted to make a copy of your Gmail messages using Google takeout, then follow the Download Data link. In addition to this, you can also copy your mail to a new Google account.

#7. On the next screen, you should provide a different mail address other than the one you are deleting now, under How you’ll sign in to Google.

#8. After that, just make a tap on the Send Verification Email option.

Note: In order to delete a Gmail account, Google requires access to the secondary address that you have given while creating the Gmail account or you should create a new account. So ensure, the new email address is currently in use.

#9. You need to open the alternative email account that you have entered in the previous step.

#10. Then click to open the email from Google that possibly shows [email protected]

#11. Click on the deletion link provided on the email.

#12. When prompted, enter the login details of the Gmail account that you are about to delete.

#13. Choose Yes, I want to delete * permanently from my Google Account option under Confirm Gmail Deletion.

#14. Now tap on Delete Gmail and finally click on the Done option to complete deleting your Gmail account.

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Is it Possible to Delete Gmail Account from Android / iOS

If you wanted to delete your Gmail account from your handhelds such as Android or iOS devices, it is very simple. The steps to delete the Gmail account on a smartphone is more or less similar to the desktop. Just do the following.

For Android:

#1. If you are an Android user, then click on device Settings > choose Google > select your Google Account.

#2. Then tap on Data & Personalization > click on Delete a service on your account > sign in to your Gmail account > select Delete or trash icon finally.

For iPhone/iPad:

#1. If you wanted to delete your Gmail account from your iPhone or iPad, then open Gmail app > click on Menu > tap on Settings option.

#2. After that, choose your account > select Manage your Google Account > click on Data & Personalization > tap on Delete a service or your account.

#3. Now, tap on Delete a service option > sign into your account > select Delete option or trash icon to delete your Gmail account on iOS device.

Things you Must Note Before Deleting Gmail Account

  • If you delete your Gmail account, then all the emails and the mail settings will be deleted.
  • You will not be able to access that mail to send or receive any emails further.
  • Your Gmail account address can’t be accessed by anyone else any time later.
  • Most importantly, deleting your Gmail will not delete your Google account. So all your purchases and activity of your Google Play will not be lost.
  • Even after deleting your Gmail account, you will be able to get your Gmail address back.

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Final Words

Deleting your Gmail account is simple if you follow the guidelines above. You have to download your important data prior to deleting your account. Gmail supports moving any such contents to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more as a Zip file or Tgz file.

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