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How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers



How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

If you are a new Nintendo Switch user, you will wonder how to charge its Joy-con controllers. But, it is a simple process to charge your Nintendo Switch’s controllers. They are a set of two controllers that act as a single controller when connected to the dock or on the sides of the console. However, when detached, they can act as two separate controllers. A fully charged Switch controller can be used for 20 hours. Therefore, one does not need to charge it very often. Let us discuss the different methods to charge the Nintendo Switch Controllers.

How to charge Nintendo Switch controllers

How Charge Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

[1] This is one of the simplest methods to charge the Controllers. You need to connect the Joy-con controllers to both sides of the Nintendo Switch in order to charge them.

Attach the Joy-cons to Switch

After connecting, plugin the console to the AC adapter either while it is on or in sleep mode. When the Nintendo Switch is turned off, it will not charge the controllers.

[2] If you are not using the Nintendo Switch, then you can charge the controllers. For this again, you need to connect both the controllers on each side of the Nintendo Switch and place the console in its dock.

Charge Nintendo Switch controllers using the dock

Note: Nintendo Switch controllers take only up to 3 to 3.5 hours to get fully charged.

How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers with Charging Grip

This option works best when you are playing on the TV or other device except that of Switch using the Joy-con controllers.

Nintendo Switch charging grip

[1] To charge the controllers using this method, you will need to get a charging grip separately. You cannot use the one that came with the Switch package.

[2] Connect the Joy-con to the charging grip.

[3] Now connect the charging Grip to the power outlet using the USB cable or Nintendo Switch AC adapter. For additional help, seek Nintendo official support.

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How to Charge the Controllers with Charging Dock

Apart from the dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch package, there is a separate charging dock sold by Nintendo. This charging dock can charge up to four controllers at the same time.

charging dock

[1] Attach the Charging dock to the power source using the USB cable that came with the charging dock.

[2] Now, attach the Joy-cons to the charging docks on the respective slots. The light indication will denote the full charge of the Controllers.

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How to Charge Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

The Pro controller is more powerful than the normal Joy-cons. You can use them for 40 hours continuously. However, the charging time is also higher for the pro controller. It takes 6 hours for the pro controller to fully charge. The Pro controller can charge with or without the Switch’s dock.

[1] With Dock: Initially, connect the Nintendo Switch AC adapter to the dock and then to a power outlet. Turn on the Power. Now, connect the USB charging cable between the Pro Controller and the dock to charge the Pro Controller.

Charge Nintendo Switch Pro controller using the dock

[2] Without Dock: Directly connect the Pro controller to the Nintendo Switch AC adapter. Plugin the Adapter into a power outlet.

Charge Nintendo Switch Pro controller without dock

When the Pro Controller is fully charged, the recharge LED on it will automatically turn off. Compared to Joy-con, the Pro controller has more battery life. Therefore, if you are so much into Switch gaming, then it is worth investing in the Pro controller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] How to pair the Nintendo Switch controller?

The Joy-cons need to be attached to the console to sync it. Make sure to attach each side properly by sliding through the console. The pairing will happen automatically, and now, you can detach the Joy-cons and use them. To pair wirelessly, select Controllers from the Home menu and then choose Change Grip and Order. Now press and hold the Sync button till the LED is lit on the controller.

[2] How long does it take to charge the Nintendo Switch controller?

The Nintendo Switch Joy-cons take 3.5 hours to charge fully from the dead state. Whereas if you are using a Nintendo Switch Pro controller, then it takes 6 hours to charge. The difference in charging duration is because Joy-cons life is only 20 hours post charging and the Pro controller stands up to 40 hours.

[3] How to charge Nintendo Switch controllers while playing?

To charge Nintendo Switch controllers while playing, you will not need a dock. Simply connect the USB Type-C charging cable to the console directly from the AC adapter. As a result, both your Switch and its Joy-cons will be charged.

[4] How to check the battery levels of the Joy-Con Controllers?

You can choose the Controllers option in the Nintendo Switch home screen menu and view the individual charge level of the Controllers.

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