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How to Connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch



How to Connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a video game console that lacks Bluetooth Connectivity for headphones. This inability to connect wireless headphones directly to the console made the users purchase Bluetooth Dongle to pair them. Now, Nintendo Switch comes with Bluetooth settings in the latest firmware update, and you do not need to use a dongle to connect with headphones. The Bluetooth settings in the Nintendo Switch allows us to connect all kind of wireless headphone, including Apple AirPods. You can connect AirPods 1st, 2nd Gen, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max to the Nintendo Switch.


AirPods is the best choice for Nintendo Switch since it uses the latest technology to filter out background noises automatically. Unlike the other wireless earbuds, where you need to press the button to pause audio, you only need to double-tap in AirPods to pause the audio. The main reason to connect Airpods to Nintendo Switch is that you can enrich your gaming experience. Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED can also pair with the AirPods.

How to Pair AirPods to Nintendo Switch

The first thing you need to do before pairing AirPods to Nintendo Switch is to check whether your Switch has the latest firmware installed on it. If the Switch is not up to date, you have to update the Nintendo Switch to the latest version.

How to Update Nintendo Switch

(1) Launch your Nintendo Switch and connect it to the internet.

(2) On the Home menu, select System Settings.

(3) Scroll down to System and choose System Update.

Select System Update

(4) The system will check whether there is a new update available and if the update is available, then it will install the update on your Switch.

(5) If there is no update, then it means you are using the latest version of Nintendo Switch firmware.

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How to Connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch

Quick Guide: Go System Settings >> Bluetooth Audio >> Pair Device >> Connect to the AirPods

(1) Select System Settings on the Nintendo Switch home menu.

(2) Navigate to Bluetooth Audio which is at the bottom of the settings.

(3) Click Pair Device to start the pairing process.

Select Pair Device to connect Airpods to Nintendo Switch

(4) Now, press and hold the pairing button on your AirPods.

Note: The pairing or sync button will be located in the front or at the back, depending on the model. Make sure to open the lid of the AirPods case, and the AirPods should also be in the case to start Pairing.

Press the pairing button

(5) Once you see a flashing white light on your AirPods case, it means that your AirPods are ready to pair.

AirPods Status light

(6) You will see the device name appearing on the screen.

Select Tribit XFree Tune to connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch

(7) Select your Airpods device from the list and click on OK.

Select OK to connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch

(8) You have now connected your AirPods to Nintendo Switch.

Note: If you are using Nintendo Switch Lite or Apple AirPods Pro, you can use the same procedure to connect each other.

How to Connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch Using Bluetooth Dongle

The alternative way to connect AirPods is using the Bluetooth Dongle. It could be useful when the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth is not working properly. You have to connect the Dongle to the Switch and enable pairing.

(1) Connect your Bluetooth Dongle to the charging port on your Nintendo Switch.

Note: Different dongles have different requirements on where you can plug them on Nintendo Switch. Some, you can connect it through the charging port, while others need your headphone jack to connect.

Insert Dongle

(2) Press and hold the pairing button on your Dongle. To know which is the pairing button on your dongle, read the instruction manual.

(3) Once the dongle is in pairing mode, long-press the Pairing button on your AirPods to pair it with the dongle.

(4) Bring your Airpods close to the dongle so that the pairing can be done quickly and successfully.

When you see the Airpods light turning green, it means that your Airpods have been connected to your Nintendo Switch using the dongle. Connecting AirPods to the Switch is very important so that you can play the games at home and on the go with more comfort. If you face any issues while connecting, you can restart the Nintendo Switch to pair again.


(1) Can you connect Airpods to Nintendo Switch?

Yes, as long as you have updated your Nintendo Switch to the latest version, you can connect Airpods to Nintendo Switch.

(2) How to connect AirPods to Nintendo Switch without an adapter?

You can use the Bluetooth Audio settings in your Nintendo Switch to connect with AirPods without using the adapter.

(3) How to disconnect your Airpods with Nintendo Switch?

You can use follow these steps to disconnect AirPods with Nintendo Switch, Go to System Settings > Bluetooth Audio > select your device > Disconnect Device. To completely remove your AirPods with Nintendo Switch, select System Settings > Bluetooth Audio > select your device > Remove Device.

(4) How to raise the volume on AirPods using Nintendo Switch?

On the right joy control, press and hold the Home button. You will see a menu appearing on the screen. Here, you can control the volume of the connected headphones.

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