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How to Clear Cache on PS4 [PlayStation 4]



How to Clear Cache on PS4

Caches are the temporary files stored on your device for easy retrieval. Like computer and smartphone devices, the cache files can also be stored on PlayStation consoles. Caches on the PS help you in improving the performance of the games. But if you forget to remove the caches stored on a regular basis, it might get corrupted and affect the performance of your console. Let’s look at the brief on how to clear the cache on PS4.

Clearing the caches will not affect the saved data or the current progress of the games on the PS4 console. There is no specific menu option to clear the caches on Playstation 4.

How to Clear Cache on PS4

1. Press and hold the Power button on your PS4 controller.

press the power button on PS4 controller

2. Select Turn Off PS4 to put the PlayStation 4 completely off. Do not put your console in the Rest mode.

Select Turn Off PS4

3. Wait till the indicated light on the PS4 is off and stop blinking.

4. Once the PS4 is turned off, unplug the power cord from the back of our PS4 console.

unplug the power cord

5. After removing the power cord, wait for thirty seconds.

6. Plug the Power cord into the PS4 and turn on your console.

7. Finally, the caches on your PS4 will be cleared.

Note: It will also alter the language and brightness settings on your console. You can also boot PS4 in Safe Mode [PlayStation 4] to access the restore or reset menu.

How to Delete Saved Game Data

If your PlayStation 4 console still crashes and takes time to load games, you need to delete the saved data on your PS4 console. You cannot recover your saved game data once you delete it. So make sure you back up the saved game data to online storage or on a USB drive before deleting it permanently.

1. Go to the PlayStation 4 home screen and tap the Settings menu.

2. Select Storage under the settings menu.

how to clear caches on PS4/select storage

3. Then, click System Storage.

how to clear caches on PS4/ click system storage

4. Select Saved data from the system storage menu.

how to clear caches on PS4/ click saved system data

5. Now, select a game to access the game’s saved data.

6. Press the Options button on your PS4 controller.

7. Click Delete and choose the saved game data to delete.

8. Again, select the Delete option to delete the game data permanently.

After deleting the saved data, your PS4 will work properly without the crashes and long loading while playing PS4 games. Make sure to clear caches at regular intervals in order to reduce lag and improve gaming quality. In the same way, you can also clear the cache on the Xbox One console.


Does clearing caches on PS4 delete saved data?

No, clearing caches on PlayStation 4 doesn’t delete saved game data.

Why do you need to clear caches on PS4?

To avoid unwanted crashes and freezing while you play your favorite PS4 games and to avoid connectivity issues and long time loading, you need to clear the caches on PS4.

Can I clear the Warzone cache?

Yes. You can clear the game cache in Warzone.

How to clear the game cache in GTA 5 & online?

Shut down your console and restart it after 30 seconds. Open the GTA 5, and hold L1 +R1 to delete the game cache.

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