Xbox One allows you to capture your favorite moments during gameplay. You can record the Gameplay on Xbox One to capture the best in-game moments. Playing a video game is all about rewards and accolades. Without sharing the best in-game moments, it’s less rewarding and satisfying. Whether it’s about beating the pro player, a graphical error, or it’s about winning a tricky level.

You can record on Xbox One console using different ways.

  1. Retrieve the last 30 seconds of gameplay.
  2. Capture a clip of longer duration, but limited to space on your internal or USB drive.

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  • Xbox One console in working condition.
  • At least 1GB in free storage of internal hard drive, a must to record clips up to 30 seconds duration.
  • Optional – At least 5GB in external storage like USB HDD, USB SSD or Pen Drive to record clippings more than 30 seconds.
  • Xbox One controller in working condition.
  • A display device like TV or Monitor with HDMI input.
  • At least one game installed on Xbox One HDD or one game disc.
  • Basic understanding of your Xbox One controller keys.
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Know your Xbox One Controller

Xbox One controller key list

Record Xbox One gameplay of previous 30 seconds

Your Xbox One console, with any additional settings or by default, can retrieve the clipping of the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

1. Play any game on Xbox One, until you want to record.

Some games do not allow you to record certain parts of the game, like transition scenes.

2. When you want to record, press the ‘Xbox button‘ on the controller.

Press Xbox button on controller

3. While in the menu, press the X button. This will process and save the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

Press X button on the controller

4. To take a screenshot, press the Y button instead of the X button.

Press Y button on the controller

How to Record longer footage on Xbox One

If you want to record longer game sessions as you’re playing rather than just save a few quick highlights here and there, your Xbox One has that capacity as well. The process is similar in both cases:

1. Start playing the game that you want to record, then press the Xbox button on the controller to open the menu.

Tap Xbox button

2. Press the View button on your Xbox One controller.

Be careful not to confuse the View button with the Menu button.

Tap View button on controller

3. On the next menu, highlight the “Record from now” option in the vertical menu and press the A button on the controller.

Your game clip will begin recording once you resume playing the game.

Capture Menu Xbox One - Record from Now
Tap A button on controller

You can also adjust time for shorter captures from this screen by selecting “Capture what happened” and pressing the A button on your Xbox One controller.

Capture Menu Xbox One - Capture what happened

4. If you want to stop recording, press the Xbox button on the controller, then press the X button. For official Xbox One related support visit Microsoft Xbox webpage.

Typically, you can record up to 10 minutes of gameplay on your Xbox One’s internal storage. However, if you have an external hard drive to allow for greater memory and storage space, it is possible to record gameplay for up to an hour.

Hit Xbox key on controller
Hit X key on controller

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Access your recorded Xbox One gameplay

Press the View button, on your Xbox One controller.

Hit View key on controller

Highlight and select the “Manage captures” item on the vertical menu by pressing the A button.

Manage Capture manu on Xbox One
Press A button on controller
Captures list

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