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How to Install YouTube on Nintendo Switch [2021]



Nintendo Switch is a video game console where you can play more than 2000 games. It is a two-way gaming console. You can use it as a portable device or as a stationary device. During the launch of the Nintendo Switch, YouTube cannot be installed in it. Later on, some developments are made in Nintendo Switch. After that, YouTube came to existence in Nintendo Switch. Nintendo is popular among gamers. Nintendo Switch is not only a game console, but it can also be used to stream videos. You can stream on-demand videos and live videos too. Since it is official, you can directly download it from the Nintendo eshop. The downloading steps are also easy.

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How to Install YouTube on Nintendo Switch

Make sure you have connected to the internet on your Nintendo Switch.

#1: In the home page, choose Nintendo eshop.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Nintendo eShop

#2: Navigate to Search bar.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Search Icon

#3: Type Youtube in the search bar and click the search icon.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Search for YouTube

#4: Select the YouTube app from the search results.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Download YouTube

#5: In the next window, click Free Download.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Download YouTube

#6: If any screen prompts, click Free Download again.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Install YouTube

#7: Click Close.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Select Close

#8: Wait for the download to complete.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch

#9: After the installation is complete, YouTube will be available in the Home Screen.

YouTube on Nintendo Switch
Open YouTube

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YouTube is one of the popular social media available all over the world. Apart from Facebook and Instagram, YouTube is the most used app. So, it is more important to know how to download and install the YouTube app. With the help of this guide, you can easily install YouTube on your Nintendo Switch. Enjoy watching YouTube videos and if you have any doubts in the installation process, tell us in the comments section. Thank you for visiting Share your feedback in our social media pages, Facebook and Twitter.

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