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How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PS4 [PlayStation 4]



How to connect keyboard and mouse to PS4

Though PS4 has its own controller for gaming purposes, PS4 users can connect their console with a keyboard or mouse. Generally, PS4 games do not support using a keyboard or mouse, such as PC games. However, you can use it while using the web browser or navigating through the interface of the console. The players using a keyboard or mouse pointer get more precise results compared to controllers, which results in unfair gameplay. But still, there are certain games that do allow the involvement of a keyboard or mouse. We will go through how to connect a keyboard or mouse to PS4 in this article.

connect keyboard and mouse to PS4

Types of Keyboard and Mouse

Note: PS4 does not require a specific model of keyboard or mouse to connect with. Any standard keyboard and mouse can serve the purpose.

The procedure to connect the keyboard and mouse to PS4 varies depending upon the model of the keyboard and mouse. There are two types of keyboard and mouse available in the market.

Types of keyboard and mouse for PS4

[1] Wired keyboard and mouse

[2] Wireless keyboard and mouse

The wireless keyboard and mouse can be further classified under two categories.

[1] Wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

[2] Wireless USB keyboard and mouse

How to Connect Wired Keyboard and Mouse to PS4

It is very simple to connect a wired keyboard and mouse to PS4. PlayStation 4 does have two USB ports on the front side of the console. All you need to do is plug in the keyboard or mouse to the USB port on your PS4.

connect keyboard and mouse to USB ports on PS4

Note: The USB ports on PS4 are also used to charge the controller. However, if you find that the two USB ports are insufficient, then you may use a USB hub to increase the number of ports on your PS4.

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How to Connect Wireless Keyboard and Mouse to PS4

As there are two types of wireless keyboard and mouse available, the procedure to connect them with the PlayStation consoles differs from one another.

Connect Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse to PS4

Quick Guide: Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices > Choose the keyboard or mouse

[1] Navigate to the Settings on PS4.

[2] Choose Devices and then select Bluetooth Devices.

Choose Bluetooth devices option

[3] Make sure your mouse or keyboard is in pairing mode. It will enable the keyboard or mouse to get displayed under the available Bluetooth devices to pair with PS4.

[4] Choose the keyboard or mouse you wish to pair with PS4.

If prompted to enter a code, enter the default code 0000. Now connection will be enabled, and you can use the keyboard or mouse on PS4.

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Setup Wireless USB Keyboard or Mouse on PS4

plug in the USB dongle on PS4

This is also a simple procedure, just like that of a wired keyboard or mouse. Plug in the wireless dongle into the USB port on PS4. Within a few seconds, your mouse or keyboard will be detected and connected with the PlayStation. In case both your keyboard and mouse use a single USB dongle to receive signals, then you can connect either the keyboard or the mouse. You can connect AirPods to PlayStation 4 to listen to the game audio clearly.

How to Change Keyboard and Mouse Settings on PS4

[1] Go to the PlayStation 4 home screen and select Settings.

[2] Choose Devices under the settings menu.

[3] To change keyboard settings, choose External keyboard.

[4] Under Keyboard Settings, one can choose the type of keyboard, delay, and repeat rate.

[5] To change mouse settings, choose the Mouse option under the devices menu.

[6] In mouse settings, one can select whether the mouse is right or left-handed and the pointer speed.

Without a mouse or keyboard, certain operations like typing on the web browser or searching on streaming apps may be tiresome. Similarly, PS4 with a keyboard makes chatting easier. When you connect the keyboard and mouse to PS4, it can effectively save your time, but sadly, it is not accepted in most games.

If you still wish to use a keyboard and mouse during every gameplay, then you have to use adapters like Xim 4 adapter. It can be a costlier option, but it can translate your keyboard and mouse inputs as the controller’s input to PS4.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a mouse and keyboard to play Minecraft on the PS4?

Yes. Only certain games on PS4 allow keyboard/mouse to play, and Minecraft is one among them.

What are the other games that allow keyboard and mouse to gameplay?

Fortnite, Rainbow Six Seige, Warzone, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Rocket League, and Brawlhalla are a few games that allow a keyboard and mouse for gameplay.

Can I be banned for using a mouse and keyboard on PS4 games?

Yes. Apex Legends, GTA 5, Overwatch, and Destiny 2 are a few games that restrict players from using a mouse and keyboard in gameplay.

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